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GHA 15th Anniversary: GHA "killed the killer/war." GHA achievements through the prism of thinking of Dostoevsky, Churchill, Gandhi, Einstein...

Global Harmony Association, GHA, founded February 15, 2005:




GHA for 15 years, 2005-2020:

Panorama of Global Peace Achievements

In two perspectives:

1. Historical, Long-term, Scientific, Fundamental -

Through the Prism of Geniuses Thinking:

Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Churchill, Gandhi, Poincare, Einstein and

2. Near, Short-term, Infrastructural, Resource.


GHA Message o­n its 15th anniversary, February 15, 2020

Dedicated to the Victory 75th anniversary over fascism in 1945.


Publication (10 p):

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=927

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=827





I. Historical Perspective


GHA for 15 years, 2005-2020:

I erected a monument to myself not by hands [but mind],

[Global peace Gandhian monument

From harmony of his equal spherons]

The people [humanity] path will not overgrow to it

[Through Gandhicracy]

Alexander Pushkin



GHA Fundamental Result for 15 years:

A War Institute End

By Gandhis

Peace/Nonviolence/Harmony of His Spherons,

which can and should become a common deep scientific

platform for the truly peacemaking UN and its Security Council,

if they are capable and want to be peacemakers.



Feodor Dostoevsky, "the greatest Russian writer."

The essential definition of Russia and Russian human

As an actor of universal reconciliation and harmony,

Substantially disclosed in the GHA Gandhian spherons:


The strength of the Russian people spirit is its striving for its ultimate goals, towards universality and general humanity ... To become a real Russian [it] means precisely striving to bring reconciliation to European [global] contradictions ... by the great, general harmony [of abyssal spherons for] the final brotherly consent of all tribes according to [Humanistic] Law!



Winston Churchill, "the greatest Briton".

16 systemic, defiant and wise quotes about the GHA,

In which he best said everything about it:


1.The history of Western [violent, militaristic]* democracy is continuous crimes against humanity[This true assessment of democracy is shared by Gandhi, Einstein, the GHA and all honest scientists and politicians. The continuous crimes of Western democracy: funded, nourished European fascism, cherished World War II and its 138 million victims, atomic bombings of the civilian population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 37 uninterrupted wars from 1945 to 2020. - o­ne war every two years (James Lucas), 100% prepared nuclear ecocide / genocide, from the nightmare of which the humanity is o­nly 100 seconds apart. Churchills true assessment of democracy is the fundamental intellectual impetus and motive of the GHA to look for an alternative, Gandhian, non-violent, war-excluding model of democracy of spherons - GANDHICRACY. The GHA dedicated to it 15 years of persistent, "crazy depth" searches, crowned by the 10th, same name book.]

2.One who persists in his madness [crazy GHA 15 years] will o­ne day be a sage [for the new generations]

3.We live in an era of great events [of spheres and spherons] and small people [ignorant in them]

4.One who [ignorantly] talks about revolution must prepare for the guillotine

5.Planning nothing [and not financing a global peace in democracy] is the same as planning failure, [militarism and nuclear genocide/ecocide as the planet death and the humanity annihilation in this democracy]

6.Even the most blinding light [of the spherons discovery] does not exist without a shadow

7.Poor power is chosen by good people [spherons] who do not go to the polls

8."The conception of good morality - living in conscience it is in Russian manner [it is outside of Russophobia as racism and the destructive pathology of Western democracy]"

9.One who is good is free, even if he is a slave; the o­ne who is evil is a slave, even if he is a king

10.Success is when you fell nine times, but ten times [as the GHA in 15 years] rose

11.I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else [because I intuitively feel invisible spherons as well as Gandhi and Einstein]

12.Courage [of the GHA spherons] is rightly esteemed the first of human qualitiesBecause it is the quality which guarantees all others [including humanity survival]

13.I dont need much, I am easily satisfied with the very best [- knowledge of spherons]

14.A lot of people stumble over great discoveries [especially spherons], but most of them simply step over and move o­n.

15."[Pacifist, helpless] Thoughts about peace paved the road to hell of war [to hell of genocide and ecocide, to which o­nly 100 seconds remain]"

16.The positive [deep, profound] thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible

*[In square brackets are additions and comments by Leo Semashko]


Churchills last quote is about the GHA positive thinkers circle:

... Pythagoras, Leibniz, Kant, Marx (only in a part of the four spheres of social production), Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Kovalevsky, Tolstoy, Gandhi (he is the intellectual and humanistic center of our circle of spheral positive thinkers by his truth of the nonviolence spherons as God), Poincare, Einstein, Churchill, Roerichs, Parsons, Kennedy, King, Vernadsky, Maturana, Putin, Kalam, Semashko, Scott, Ikeda, Galtung, Kahan, Chomsky, Mercieca, Paupp, Siebert, Kotila, Weir, Maguire, Avery, Ayoola-Amale, Azcona, Roberts, Kuskovskaya, Vetrova, Kashina, Smirnov, Medvedeva, Soroko, Daspet, Pawlik, Krasnov, Burrowes, Ellis, Bachika, Crequie, Heli, Ioannidis, Robert, Chandra, Giri, Larik, Roy, Pathak, Sankatsing ...


The constructive ideas of these positive thinkers, which o­ne way or another reveal the spheral paradigm of thinking, are presented and systematically integrated by this paradigm in 10 books and 75 GHA peacemaking projects for 15 years.


GHA "positive thinkers" in its final books

Putting intellectual end to the war:

Global Peace Science (2016, by 174 coauthors from 34 countries):


Gandhica (2019, by 82 coauthors from 25 countries):


Gandhicracy (2020, 70% ready, but the total number of authors is not yet known):



Churchills wise ideas about the GHA peacemaking achievements over 15 years should be supplemented with no less significant quotes from Gandhi, Poincare and Einstein.

Gandhi bequeathed to kill the killer, the greatest of which is war, in the name of preserving human, humanity, and non-violence. The GHA intellectually fulfilled this historical task in 15 years, providing a scientific justification of his spherons/varnas intuition by world statistics.

Gandhi predicted the victory of peace over the war through "the humanity greatest force of non-violence [of spherons/varnas], which is mightier than the mightiest weapons of destruction." GHA proved during 15 years the existence of this force of spherons theoretically and empirically by statistical researches in Gandhica.

The brilliant philosopher and mathematician of the last century, Henri Poincare formulated the definition of "the o­nly true objective reality", which became the GHA philosophical, theoretical foundation: "The inner harmony of the world is the o­nly true objective reality." For 15 years, the GHA discovered and proved for the social world the existence of the "only true objective reality" of the harmony of the spheres and spherons of humanity. This harmony is represented o­n the GHA emblem (above) by the Goddess preserving the planet and humanity. Her hands became the GHA, intellectual saving them from militaristic ecocide / genocide. Another model of the internal genetic, societal harmony of the spheres and spherons of the noosphere is presented o­n the cover of Gandhica:



The structure of the intellectual salvation and survival of humankind was brilliantly foreseen by Albert Einstein in the middle of the last century. He clearly understood that traditional, partial thinking, ignoring the whole, unable to embrace it and doomed to be militaristic, suicidal, deprives humanity of survival. This thinking is unable to solve those global problems, first of all, the ecocide/genocide problem that it created. Therefore, Einstein formulated a key requirement for the survival of humanity: We must require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity wants to survive. For 15 years, the GHA has found, deployed and embodied in its 10 books and 75 projects substantially new thinking by the spheres/spherons, which determine the fundamental, genetic societal laws of survival and prosperity of integral/holistic humanity at all levels. The substance of this innovative, holistic mind/cognition/thinking has become four network spheres/spherons, covering society/humanity as a whole, without a trace. This thinking was developed in Gandhica, whose paradigm was called the tetranet [spheral] thinking. It provides global peace, survival and prosperity.

As a result, we got an integral, systematic picture of the GHA unprecedented, innovative peacemaking achievements for 15 years, presented in its 10 books and 75 projects listed here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472

The picture (message) turned out to be large, cybernetic and complex, because the GHA achievements in 15 years are great and complex. They outline the framework of a new, spheral MegaSocialScience or Third Order Sociocybernetics of the spheres/spherons, unknown to stagnant official social science and traditional cybernetics, which is almost half a century behind. The authors of these complex achievements, first, must understand and adequately evaluate them in order to carry them to young people and in the new science. Their authors would be poor creators if they were not able to understand the deep meaning and historical significance of their intellectual fruits before passing them o­n to new generations. Self-reflection here is the main condition for the intellectual responsibility of their authors. Therefore, we do not get tired of looking for the best self-determination in various ideas, expressions, paintings, images, symbols and banners.



One of the ways of practical implementation of global peace through the building of Gandhian democracy in o­ne of the most peace-loving country in its history and national spirit - was proposed by the GHA in Russia in six amendments to its Constitution in the GHA 75 project. Here is a list of these amendments (new Constitutional laws):

1.Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents (CSEP).

2.Gender Balance of Power (GBP).

3.Global Peace Ministry (GPM).

4.Academy of Spheral Social Science (ASSS).

5.Equal Spheral Distribution of Power (ESDP).

6.Constitution Regular Updating Principle (CRUP).

They are justified and detailed in the text of the project here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=925

The GHA clearly and firmly understood the deep peacebuilding truth of its new substance discovery and work with it for 15 years. Now the most difficult little thing remains - to bring this substantial new knowledge and thinking to new generations through harmonious spheral enlightenment and education in national and world scale. But this "smallness" requires mass participation and governmental governance, the organization of which goes beyond the GHA capabilities. This is a new page in his history and history in general.

Another page of history is the practical, business use of spheral societal energy (or soft force of spherons), which becomes the main and determining o­ne in the 21st century the creative force/energy of society. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction according to Gandhi. This is the basis of the new non-violent harmonious tetrapsychology and new technology, new digitalization, new smart artificial intelligence, a new, spheral Internet, a new governance and management for a new peacebuilding business - SPHERONISM, which is presented in the GHA 74 project: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=923. It is turning spheral-based peacebuilding into a profitable business and a source of millions of new jobs, freeing traditional peacemaking from the humiliating role of a poor pacifist scrounger o­n the porch of greasy militarism. But this direction also goes beyond the GHA capabilities and its past history.

These practical touches complete our historical, panoramic picture of the GHA achievements over 15 years, constituting, without exaggeration, the Copernican scientific, intellectual and spiritual revolution of the 21st century, which opens a new era of Nonviolence and Global Peace of Harmonious Civilization of Humanity. It is unfolded in general terms in the collective Preface of Gandhica. This is the greatest shift in human thought, [which] takes place o­nly o­nce every millennium according to the genius Vladimir Vernadsky, o­ne of the noosphere theory creator.

The historical scale, the highest spiritual meaning and the unprecedented in deep nature of the GHA fundamental peacebuilding achievements for 15 years o­n the basis of its substantially new manner of thinking (Einstein) by the spheres and spherons of humanity for its survival and prosperity allows the GHA to self-reflect and self-evaluate its fruits by the greatest Russian genius Alexander Pushkin words, supplemented by our words and taken out in our Message epigraph above.

         The GHA achievements historical perspective for 15 years is complemented by the near, infrastructural perspective in their panorama.


II. Near, Infrastructural Perspective


It is exhausted by the four spheral clusters of the GHA PIOT/SIOT and the corresponding local achievements/successes, as they have historically developed in its real existence for 15 years. They embody its spheral thinking and its spheral constructivism in all its internal segments and clusters. But these tasks turned out to be extremely difficult in terms of labor intensity and therefore not always feasible o­n a GHA volunteer basis. Their historical dynamics, in which there were ups and downs, deserves a special detailed analysis in the future, which is limited here to o­nly a few general touches.

The GHA PIOT clusters are: people, information, organization, things and the GHA results in them.

The GHA SIOT clusters are: sociosphere/spheron, infosphere/spheron, orgsphere/spheron, technoecosphere/spheron and the GHA results/achievements in them.

The GHA people-sociosphere/spheron cluster is determined by the uneven dynamics of its individual/collective membership and friends, which began with several dozen professors and doctors of humanities / social sciences from about 15-20 countries. Then, after several years, it reached the peak of more than 600 individual members from over 60 countries and several dozen collective members with more than a million members. In recent years, the GHA number of active members began to decline due to well-known reasons for the age and exhaustion of the volunteer spirit, o­n which the GHA was based excluding any payment to its members and fees from them. The GHA founders and the most prominent active members are represented in hundreds of personal pages o­n the GHA website. Their highest intellectual level is manifested in their individual fruits - in their books and articles, as well as in the GHA collective fruits - in its 10 books and 75 peacemaking projects for 15 years. The relations between the GHA members were built o­n a purely spiritual and scientific interest in harmony, as a source of global peace. It is clear that there cannot be many similar people in the militaristic world order, and they, like everyone, are subject to the natural effects of time, employment, health, etc. GHA members, in addition, were under pressure, in different countries, of course, to different degrees, of the negative factors of their countries, primarily militarism, censorship, special services, restrictions o­n rights and freedoms, especially in Russia and the USA (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=783; https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=557; https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=534 and others).

In this cluster, attempts were made to its spheral organization and spheral distribution of the functions and responsibilities of the GHA leaders, boards and members. However, due to their extreme complexity, they were not completed and did not succeed. This is the task of the future.

The GHA information-infosphere/spheron cluster is embodied, first of all, in its website Peace from Harmony (https://peacefromharmony.org), which published its 10 books and 75 peacemaking projects created for 15 years, as well as thousands of related and detailed pages in all four spheres and spherons both humanity and the GHA. According to a rough expert estimate, more than three thousand pages of this site are in 17 languages, the main of which are Russian and English, together with the attached files - up to 10 thousand pages, o­n average up to hundreds of information units (articles, letters, responses, biographies, links, discussions, etc.) and illustrations: drawings, models, diagrams, graphs, matrices, formulas, videos, banners, etc. cover up to a million of the most diverse documents. In this cluster are concentrated the main achievements, fruits, results and successes of the GHA, the highest spiritual meaning and historical significance of which is disclosed in general terms above, in the historical perspective of the GHA panorama.

This cluster is crowned by the GHA humanistic axiology, subordinate and focused around its constant, initial value center - global peace from harmony spherons, reflecting each other as a conscious result and saving intention. Global peace is resulting from the deep objective reality of the humanity spherons, which Gandhi intuitively realized and the GHA realized and expressed them scientifically in theoretical and empirical proofs in its books, especially the Gandhica.

In a cybernetic pair of peace - spherons harmony constantly interacting according to the principle of feedback, their continuous rapprochement, convergence and identification occurs through the continuous process of knowing by humanity spherons of their deep, societally genetic peace-building nature. In their cybernetic interaction and cognition, spherons are transformed from a spontaneous, disharmonious and often antagonistic set of hostile and violent historically transient partons as actors in themselves of an unstable global peace into conscious self-organized actors for themselves of a sustainable global peace. Spherons are transformed from objective, spontaneous "actors in themselves" into conscious, subjective "actors for themselves" of global peace. The decisive, key moment of this historical societal transformation is the Gandhian intuition of varnas/spherons, which has grown into an empirically and statistically substantiated theoretical science of global peace from harmony of fundamental spherons.

The transformative harmony of spherons unfolds the full axiological cycle of its historical evolution in a chain of ten fundamental values, the development of each of which constitutes a separate historical era with its social priority. In Gandhicas Epilogue, the humanistic values ​​of non-violence are presented in the first approximation in the following chain: peace, harmony, truth, love, freedom, equality, fraternity, real/spheral democracy, disarmament, life/happiness. Of course, it is impossible to speak about any absolute truth of their knowledge - it is infinite and o­nly begins in its societal substance of spherons.

The axiological evolution of the GHA is presented personally in the gallery "Gandhian Creators of World Harmony" (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513). It includes 28 outstanding persons recognized in the GHA with the Highest Honorary Title for its 15 years from 15 countries. No organization in the world distinguishes the creators of global peace by the criterion of creating world social harmony.

The final touch of the GHA info-cluster is attendance of its website, which also had ups and downs. In the best of times, the sites counter, turned o­n a bit late, recorded 10-15 thousand visits per day. In the beginning, this figure was much more modest - within a thousand per day. In recent years, in connection with the sanctions, restrictions and censorship of disloyal to the American government sites in the US global networks of the FB, VK, Twitter, Google (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=783) that closed the publication of site materials o­n their pages and disabling "likes" o­n our site that ultimately reduced the site visiting by more than 50%, it ranges from 2-5 thousand daily.

Nevertheless, despite all the insidious obstacles from different sides and from different countries, on February 15, 2020, the sites counter recorded 14.940 thousand visits, i.e. almost 15 million, an average of 1 million per year and about 3 thousand daily. This is a good figure for a volunteer site. The main technical merit of this achievement belongs to the site permanent Technical Director Mr. Ivan Ivanov (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=11). GHA highly appreciates his merits and expresses sincere gratitude to him.

          The GHA organization-orgsphere/spheron cluster. It is represented by the GHA internal structure outlined in its Charter and organizational reforms (https://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=249). For 15 years, the GHA has created many national and regional branches/departments o­n all continents in the countries: Russia, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Greece, USA, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Kazakhstan, Israel / Palestine, Latin America, etc. Some of them have their pages o­n the site, some froze and all had their ups and downs associated with the respective leaders. We refused to register the GHA as a whole and its national branches in all countries except India, because their registration required a lot of money, which we did not have.

Of course, everyone understands that it is almost impossible to maintain such a wide global network of GHA branches in a high active state o­n a completely volunteer basis. Therefore, the GHA is guided in this respect by o­ne rule: we are grateful to each and all GHA members in any country and in any department for their any efforts and actions to global peace that they make to the best of their abilities and capabilities, without any claims from the GHA. This work lives o­nly in the spirit of sincere peacemaking enthusiasm and optimism based o­n a deep conviction of the inevitable victory and triumph of global peace from the harmony of societal spherons. We hope that in the future, when the GHA and its followers become billionaires, they will be able to revive and expand their network o­n a professional basis, financing in full its national and regional departments and their leaders.

The GHA has been completely independent of all for 15 years: from the state, funds, corporations, private investors, etc. In the o­nly case when we needed funding to publish our 10 books in different languages, we used o­nly internal donations, the list of donors of which was published in them.

          The GHA technosphere/spheron cluster is limited o­nly by the material and technical means possessed by its members. The GHA, as a purely volunteer organization, never had and never sought to possess any property anywhere, without binding itself to such concerns. Yes, this greatly limited the GHA work but freed up time and energy to fulfill the main, spiritual mission of finding a scientific way to achieve global peace in order to put an end to wars. The GHA fulfilled this mission with honor for 15 years precisely because it was initially free from material and commercial concerns. As they say and which confirms historical experience, the truly historical achievements of humanity are made disinterestedly, o­nly o­n a clear conscience, faith, optimism and enthusiasm of the pioneers. The GHA became another example of such a service to humanity after Mahatma Gandhi and dozens of similar selfless servants who dedicated their lives to it.

The GHA disadvantages and limitations. In the GHA 15-year history, there were more than enough of them, as in the life of any person, any genius, any servant to humanity, but they do not measure them and our historical value. We do not belong to the category of those short-sighted and helplessly minded people, limited by the chicken horizons of superficial details, able to see o­nly the flaws, mistakes, petty sins of great personalities and petty flaws of their brilliant achievements. They see spots in the sun, but they do not see and do not understand the sun. They see rotted trees, but they dont see a healthy forest. Such people have always been and will be in the history of humanity. The vertices of the mind, knowledge and thinking are not accessible to all people. Therefore, we are indulgent to attacks, lies, accusations, falsifications and blindness of such people in relation to the GHA and its historical achievements. These people will leave, and the GHA achievements will remain and will forever serve humanity. The GHA history and its achievements in 10 of its books and 75 peacemaking projects, as well as the difficult path to them, will find, eventually, their true biographer and their place in the humanistic history of humanity.

For this, we created the proposed multi-dimensional panorama of the GHA achievements in our final anniversary Message. It remains o­nly to congratulate ourselves o­n this!


Heartfelt thanks to all the GHA members who contributed to the GHA peacemaking achievements.

Warm congratulations to all the GHA members o­n its 15th anniversary! Best wishes for you peace, love, harmony and health!


It remains to answer o­nly o­ne, last question: where does such faith come from? The presented panorama of the GHA global peace achievements for 15 years strikes traditional thinking with its fantastic and utopian nature, from which, usually, a false conclusion is drawn about their non-realism in terms of established standards and criteria. This position does not take into account the dynamics of life, knowledge and thinking. Today, they can call me / us the last utopians and dreamers in the inveterate negative intellectual ecology of an obsolete order. But this cannot change our worldview and force us to abandon our convictions, as well as many of our predecessors - Copernicus, Galileo, Bruno, etc. in countless similar situations of history. This can be done o­nly by alternative facts that do not exist, which I / we have not found for almost 45 years of discovery of spherons, especially over the past 15 years in the GHA. Therefore, my / our faith and scientific conviction in the spherons as the o­nly objective source of global peace and the whole integrity of the fundamental transformations of human society, resulting from their discovery, knowledge and use, remains by UNSHAKABLE AND CONSTANTLY STRENGTHENS during DECADES - the further, the more!

Conclusion. Therefore, the spherons truth discovered by us after Gandhi as a deep, invisible divine truth of harmony, peace, love, nonviolence, equality, justice, happiness and all values of human life is stronger in me, in the GHA, than scaffold, gallows, bonfire and any weapon. It is above death. The spherons truth is IMMORTAL in us, for us and for humanity. It saves humanity from ecocide and genocide ensuring it survival and prosperity. The spherons truth makes HUMANITY IMMORTAL.


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA founder and honorary President,


February 14-24, 2020



GHA: I erected a monument to myself not by hands [but mind],
[Global peace Gandhian monument from harmony of his equal spherons]


Dear GHA members, friends,

Only today I finished the GHA anniversary message o­n its 15th o­ne. The delay was in the search for a concise, poetic phrase expressing the essence of the GHA achievements for 15 years and their significance for humanity. This phrase was found at the greatest Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, which in my additions in two lines of a white verse (who can find or edit better) expressed the GHA achievements and their historical significance. It became the epigraph and banner (above) of my message/panorama (10 pages), published o­n the website here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=927

         This panorama was crowned by the conclusion: The spherons truth, which we discovered following Gandhi, is IMMORTAL ... It saves humanity from ecocide and genocide. It makes HUMANITY IMMORTAL.

Another delay was the requirement of the message completeness as the final picture-panorama of the GHA for 15 years. It is unlikely that I or someone else will find an opportunity and auspicious occasion in the future to fulfill it. As they say, "strike the iron while its hot." o­n February 15, I sent the first part of the Message with the definition of The Historical Perspective of the GHA Global Peace Achievements in 15 Years. Now it is supplemented by the second part with the definition of their "Short-term, Infrastructural Perspectives." It has grown to 10 pages and creates, in general terms, an integrated multidimensional panorama of the GHA achievements for 15 years in two perspectives: historical/long-term and short-term/immediate. Those who wish can read, analyze, evaluate this panorama of the GHA achievements o­n the website and discuss it in our networks in terms of the GHA prospects: what should we do after the "Gandhicracy?

It will be included in the "Gandhicracy" as its organic part, revealing the 15-year-old spiritual soil of the GHA from which it grew.

Many thanks to all the GHA members for your contribution to this historical spiritual soil of global peace, o­n which it will continuously grow and defeat the war forever. Congratulations o­n this shared achievement.

Today is the birthday of Vladislav Krasnov, the GHA Board member, RAGA President, outstanding Russian/American biographer of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, historian, humanist and peacemaker (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=752). He made a great contribution to the support and development of global peace from the spherons Gandhian truth in the GHA books. Happy birthday and many years of creativity to Vladislav o­n the GHA members behalf!

Best wishes for peace from harmony and health to each of you.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

Dr. Leo, felicito vuestro trabajo en 15 años de lucha!!!

Dr. Leo, I congratulate your work in 15 years of struggle!

, 15 !



Responses o­n 15-02-20 GHA Anniversary

(Underline in red is Leo Semashko, other - authors)



GHA 15th Anniversary and World Poetry Day 2020

Dear GHA members, friends,

The GHA is happy to congratulate you o­n the Poetry Day with the brilliant Poem of our Indian poet, Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy "GANDHI POETRY BLOSSOM", which he also dedicated to the GHA 15th anniversary with its two peacemaking peaks: "Gandhica" and "Gandhicracy"!

We highly appreciate Ashok's unique poetic contribution to the Gandhian global peace through spherons, especially in these lines:

"Poetry sees the Gandhian peacemaking varnas

Even their blossom in the GHA great spherons.

We were happy to publish this wonderful poem o­n four pages:





And in Russian:





It will be published also in the new book 2020, in the part: Gandhicracy Poetics as the first contribution to this new poetry of the 21st century. Perhaps it will be the beginning of the Gandhian poetic revolution in our century, proclaiming the Gandhian global peace with Gandhian democracy through Gandhian thinking by Gandhian spherons! This will be the greatest monument to the Mahatma Gandhi immortal and saving "Nonviolence Science", which will be realized in the 21st century, starting since the GHA.

Ashok is the first world poet after the great ancient Indian Rishis-sages who created the poetic Vedas more than three thousand years ago and praised the equality of Varnas (ancient spherons), which provided ancient India with peace and prosperity for a thousand years, began to anthem to the modern 21st century spherons. Following Mahatma Gandhi and through the GHA books, he saw in equal spherons the source of non-violence, peace and prosperity for all humanity in the new millennium.

Therefore, we are happy to congratulate Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy, the great Indian poet, o­n this outstanding achievement and contribution to the humanistic poetry of the new century.

With love,

Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA founder and honorary president,


Good Evening GHA Members,

I take the occasion to congratulate o­ne and all to mark the 15th Anniversary of the GHA, as also the commemoration of WORLD POETRY DAY 2020 (21st March).I thank o­ne and all o­n the new ventures of two peacemaking peaks, viz., Gandhica and Gandhicracy.

Once again wishing everyone the very best in ever-new endeavors of GHA to unfold a new chapter in the annals of Universal Peace.

Regards and best wishes,

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana



I am joining, too.

Matjaž Mulej,



Dear GHA Community,

          Let me also join the common ground of so many inspiring wishes to congratulate GHA. Such beautiful words inspire reflection o­n this wonderful occasion, that in a way o­nly repeats what was expressed in the many wishes I just went through.

           We live in a time when the wheels of the violent project to dominate our species for the selfish purposes of a few, driven by the pursuit of power, greed, and fame, are beginning to screech. Frightening winds are still pushing us to the brink of extinction in these troubled days. But no matter how hard they try; the earth is not flat, and we will not fall off. Rather, the harmony of the SPHERES will ensure that even if they push hard, they can o­nly temporarily spread the moral forces over the globe to let them grow and incubate more strength to come together again with even more force at the right time. That time has come, and this is what is happening today, in a new wave of which the Global Harmony Association is o­ne of the beacons among the strategic forces of transformation that can make the difference. Fifteen years is a reason to congratulate all of us, and those to join, who are helping to rescue our future. If we choose a world o­n the path of peace and harmony, which is what most of our species wants, perhaps in less than fifteen years we can stop the ancient derailment of humanity that has broken with the driving force of evolution, which is life always seeks more life, and begin the cosmic metamorphosis to rehumanize a dehumanized humanity.

A difficult time may be ahead, but we must learn to continually use strong adverse winds by adjusting our sails to let their ferocity become an engine that leads us to the safe haven of harmony and peace. In fact, as all the alternatives to global harmony are bleak, global harmony is the solution.

The spirit of Gandhian democracy, which overcomes homogenizing loyalty to an ideological party, a religious sect or a totalitarian regime, can ensure that everyone has a voice and is allowed to speak in the intonation of their own voice. Respect, patience and tolerance - the pillars of harmony - can guide a pluralistic gathering with different views to reach the common ground of the mission to rescue the future of humanity, as GHA is demonstrating. Therefore, let us continue to shape a broad pluralistic movement that embraces different ideas, thoughts and aspirations, but all sharing the common ground of the minimum agenda of rescuing the future of our species in a world that begs for dialogue, to stop the madness that war has become the supreme arbiter for resolving discords.

Let us continue the wonderful efforts of GHA with our direct activity, because action is the best prediction. History travels from the past to the future, and we are its footsteps!

In solidarity with GHA.

Glenn Sankatsing,






Happy 15th Anniversary to all in GHA.

Bruce Cook,




Happy 15 anniversary GHA!

Our association is a light of hope in a dangerous concert of winds of war and hate.


Ernesto Kahan,





         At the time of the 15th birthday of GHA: Guy CREQUIE (Gil CONTI), I address these 2 love songs universal which connects o­n all the continents = the hearts and the bodies and which likes everywhere!

          Since September 2019 to today, between the sending of my songs and information o­n our work, Linkedin, I passed from 550 subscribers to more than 19,000 today all over the world.I do not despair to reach the 100.0000 within o­ne year.

https://youtu.be/9kcxJuT-_dA - Besame Mucho

Be Does My coil = this song contributed to the development of the microgroove 45 turns all over the world after its immense success in the United States in 1950, and had 11 million sold in 1968 for this o­nly title, and how much today?

To note, that for some time after the success of CD which the microgroove returns to the mode for the listening of the music.

https://youtu.be/c77uhwUJeT8- Be My Love = homage to Mario Lanza



Poet, writer and singer French



Congratulations for this anniversary!

Blessings for your contributions to universal peace.

Respect, love, harmony and Peace..

Susana Roberts,




Congratulations. Let us hope for peace and harmony for the future.

With best wishes,

Dr Noor M Larik,





Responses to the GHA 15th Anniversary:

the brilliance of ingenious ideas!


Dear GHA members, friends,

We admire your responses o­n the GHA 15th anniversary, for which we sincerely thank you and which were published together with our Message/Panorama here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=927

We cannot but note the best of the best responses, the most profound and significant from them. This is, first of all, the philosophical response of the ballerina Thea Maria from France with her deep thoughts about a woman, children and the war, about new monuments about it, o­ne of which is presented in her photographs integrated by me.

Another amazing response is the Russian / American poet Adolf Shvedchikov, who wrote and dedicated a whole collection of wonderful poems about harmony, peace, love and life to the GHA anniversary.

The third unique response is philosophy Professor Daurenbek AUBAKIR from Kazakhstan about the intellectual victory of the GHA global peace over the war and the madness of military psychosis.

The fourth remarkable response is Professor Subhash Chandra from India, the GHA President with a new definition of the revolution of the GHA global peace achievements for 15 years and its New Era of Gandhian Spheral Democracy and Peace Constitution.

Please, read them in full intellectual wealth o­n the specified page of our website.

With love and gratitude o­n behalf of the GHA,

Dr. Leo Semashko




Dear Leo and members of GHA,

Fifteen creative years have passed, since Leo called us to constitute the GHA.

All worked conscientiously for the original vision of the global harmony, for a better future with priority to children, which are the future of humanity. We wrote history with real actions towards global peace, creating its science.

Now is a good time to look at our previous steps, and learn from our mistakes. I would like to point out that with our self-criticism and understanding, we will be able to form a team more effective. This will enable us to face the dangerous challenges of our times.

Let us not forget that children, globally see, judge and form characters based o­n our actions.

Also, that in all those years Leo was the soul of our team, and he undertook the biggest load of us all. GHA may contribute to global spiritual culture, with wisdom and determination.

Congratulations to all of you. With Peace via Non Violence, harmony, justice and dignity.

Dr Panagiotis-Takis D. Ioannides

Vice President of GHA,





Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President (2016)

Greetings from India.

Dear Leo:

Big Congratulations to you and all GHA Members for our GHA 15th Anniversary with

Gandhicracy-2020: Gandhian Spheral Democracy presented in the Leo GHA's Message

on February 14, 2020: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=927.

The GHA highest global peace achievements I define: Gandhicracy as Spheral Democracy is: o­ne Humanity ~ o­ne Spherons ~ o­ne Global Peace ~ o­ne Constitution.

GHA 15th Anniversary Day is the GHA Global Peace Science (GPS) Journey from the Harmonious Era Calendar (2005) to Gandhica (2019) and to Gandhicracy (2020) as Spheral Democracy New Era Movement.

Mahatma Gandhiji was the firm believer of Truth, non-violence and Satyagraha (non-violent resistance usedas weapon) effective for social and political transformation of the society in the Globalized world. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhis Satyagraha turned into a global instrument of non-violent dissent against authoritarianism and a pragmatic tool of the powerless against the powerful. Thus, Gandhi had an ability to invoke Satyagraha globally as a transformative and emancipative methodology. Gandhis nonviolent philosophy and his writings inspired Global non-violent movement and its Nonviolent Leaders Jr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela in USA & Africa.

GPS will be acceptable and accessible through global education and global media to all people and nations of the Earth as o­ne peace planetary consciousness and thinking. This is a Journey of GPS to the GHA Nuclear Free World through the Gandhicracy. Global GHA's 15th Anniversary since 2005 expresses GPS as science of Peace from Harmony (2005) of the Earths Citizens to Unite them in Harmony for Nonviolence, Peace, Love, Justice through Gandhian, Nonviolent, Spheral Democracy and create harmonious civilizations, excluding war and militarism in the 21st century.

Gandhicracy-2020: Gandhian SPHERONS Democracy & Constitution is a great Human

Revolution in the world history connecting three great Revolutions of modern humanity - Globalization, Informatization/Digitalization and Harmonization. Military science divides the humanity. Global Peace Science through Gandhicracy unites the humanity into Noble Peace Mission of ancient Indian wisdom: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: "One World o­ne Harmony o­ne Peace - o­ne Family". It creates New World Order via new Constitution (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=925) to save the humanity and protect the Earth Planet in the Nuclear Free World!

With Peace, Harmony & love to all.

Dr. Subhash Chandra, GHA President & Chairman Board

GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony

Vice-Chair of the International Jubilee Gandhi Committee (GC)

M-+91 9910241586;






Dear Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA founder and honorary President,

as well as all GHA members:

I send my congratulations to you personally and all GHA members o­n its 15th anniversary!

With best wishes and harmony to all GHA members!

Here you'll find my collection of poems (Russian/English)

dedicated to 15 anniversary of GHA.

Adolf P. Shvedchikov,

GHA Member

Los Angeles, California, USA



, ,




( / )

15- .

. ,

-, ,



Publication o­n the page GHA 15 Years:


15 :




Collection of poems dedicated o­n

15th GHA anniversary






How harmonious is everything in nature,

Water, sand, forest, horizon,

Umbrella hanging in the sky, birds fly free.

Born to die o­nce beast, fish, tree and bird,

Then to be reborn again, life and

death are connected.

Only a man cant make out, in dumb

delight he abides.

He does not understand why he lives

but still lives!

From century to century, from year to year

Harmony rules the world again,

Myrrh is pouring its fragrance again

And the marvelous rose is blooming.

Fibonacci sequence is golden spiral,

code of nature,

The years walk steadily, it cannot be

otherwise in life.








, , , ,




, , ,





, ,






, ,



The full Collection publication is here:






Dear Leo and all,

          Hearty Congratulationsonthe 15thAnniversaryofGHA.

Best regards,

Ayo Ayoola-Amale,






Meilleurs voeux de réussite pour les objectifs de paix universelle de GHA en ce nouvel anniversaire de sa fondation!

Bravo à tous les participants et pour leurs réalisations et surtout un grand merci pour toute l'humanité présente et à venir!

Bien respectueusement.






, , , !



, 15- !


, ! , - - !!




, ,




Dear Leo, let me congratulate you o­n the 15th anniversary of the GHA!

This is a tangible victory over the frenzy of military psychosis and over obscurantism thirsty to regain the lost position of the dark forces betting o­nly o­n military methods of resolving conflicts.

Thanks to your wisdom and harmonious unity of your faithful associates, it becomes possible the inevitability of victory processions of the peace affirming civilizational reality in this swinging world! I want to believe that the GHA boat is firmly

co-stabilizes the world order and will not allow the world to sink into oblivion !!

I also congratulate all the faithful supporters of the GHA mission!

Many years to all of you under the happy Star from HARMONY!!

Member of the GHA-Kazakhstan,


Professor, Ph.D.,

Daurenbek Azenuly AUBAKIR,




Dear Leo:

Congratulations to you and all GHA for our 15th Anniversary.

Good work for global peace!!!

Attached you find the new 44th Dubrovnik Invitation for 2020.

Come and join us, and present your great peace plan.

          Best wishes, your Rudi, from the House of peace,

PhD Rudolf Siebert,

Prof. Sociology and Religion, Michigan University, USA



Dear Leo,

Congratulations and best wishes. It is indeed a blessing and an honour to be part of such wonderful work for global peace and harmony.

May the 15th Anniversary of GHA herald a new culture of peace, what St John Paul II called "an authentic civilisation of truth and love"...for the 21st century and beyond.

          Peace and blessings,

Adam Greenwell,

New Zealand,



Dear All Peace Aspirants,

          Congratulation for 15th Anniversary of GHA!


Pravat Kumar Dhal, PhD

Magadh University, Bodhgaya,




Congrats to all GHA for our 15th


María Cristina Azcona










Dear Leo and all members,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO-DAY!  Congratulations for all the accomplished work!

Here is my responsibility and proposition about my participation at Gandhicracy, the new book which will be published o­n year 2020, by GHA  (15th birthday, and o­nU 75th birthday )

As a woman, I would like to bring at our common realisation a spiritual feminine vision, as an energy absolutely necessary for the world to-day.

Gandhis spirit is action in responsibility for building a nonviolent world, for walking to a peaceful world and friendly human societies. The individual consciousness and collective awareness in action at the service of all people, women and men, young and old, whatever our country, history, color of skin, sex, and physical forms for a better understanding of our true human nature, of our humanity inside of our hearts and souls is: a spiritual revolution

Gandhi never made discrimination between women and men. His thought about woman: "The female sex is not the weak sex. He is the more noble of the two by his power of sacrifice, silent suffering, humility, faith and knowledge ... the purer is his personal suffering, the greater the progress ... the dignity of women wants a higher law: strength of mind. I want the woman to be aware of her power

A person is a human being for an entire part and our essential needs are universal and holistic, physical and spiritual with the research of a sense for life: that must be offer to each o­ne. Our earth is able to do that for us: she is like a creative belly and breast. But the feminine energy of the universe for an evaluated humanity o­n earth and for harmonious global attitude must be liberated inside the heart of humanity, for reestablishing balance

Unfortunately, this creative energy is imitated by ego male powers. The feminine condition is too much constrained, and the notion of femininity is reduced and submitted by a materialist vision as an object, exploited, possessed, deviated, denied, repressed, stolen, raped and used for perverse purposes in the culture of war, exactly as the man body is hurted and despised by the war system.

 Balance and holistic health, healing from war like a disease of thought and a wound of the souls are the objective of such a holistic global vision."

The spiritual revolution of humankind is based o­n: 

1 - The understanding, the harmonization

Knowledge, recognition, respect and visibility therefore the necessary emergence of the energy of the feminine creator in the universal cosmic order, and its expression applied to the fields of culture, art, religion, spirituality, education, family, social relationships in peoples and nations.

Extract from my message book "Urgency for Love" written 30 years ago. From my poem "Woman, I Am", here are three lines:

"My soul is that of the Universe

My face is a reflection of the Sun

And my body is the well of the Mystery."

2 - The expression of being, as symbolic action and meaningful to nourish the sensitivity:  how the use of symbols, words, images, texts, thoughts are creator and bearer of the cultures in which sciences and political movements, ideologies are developed.

The usage of language symbolism of images is very important for cultural representations that we share, for education with the ideal of the concept of "solidarity " which is universal, when "brothers" is not. 

We are not brothers in humanity, I am not your brother... I am your sister... BUT all women and men "all together" are responsible, and each o­ne is responsible also as a child of humanity, with our creativity, our positive or negative thoughts, our culture for war or culture for peace, our individual and collective way of thinking, our solidarity for all beings.

"Mother - Father and Child: this is the true trinity of the life.

For example, I would like to share with you that story of a war memorials erected in a small village in France, nominated Balazé in Brittany. This is the village where my paternal grandfather was living in 1914, where my father was born. 

As in all the villages of France, a monument to the dead of the 14-18 war was built in the XXth century. The name of my grandfather who died for France o­n November 10, 1914 o­n the Belgian front in the trenches appeared there. 

This monument represented Jesus Crucified: the martyr of a man. At the beginning of the XXI century, this monument was very dilapidated. The town council of this village has decided to renovate it, but not as a monument to the dead, but as a monument to memory built for LIFE and for PEACE. This monument made by the great sculptor Louis Derbré was inaugurated o­n May 8, 2006 in my poetic presence: I wrote and read o­n this occasion my poem for peace: "In the name of mothers". 

The sculpture represents a couple raising their child in the light but rooted in the suffering of the previous generation, the sacrifice of the soldiers killed during the world first war.

They were killed not for celebration of life, but o­nly for the assertion of temporal powers over the possession of the goods of mother earth and to rebuild borders  

In the culture of love and hope, the peace culture, the couple mother-father is responsible for the living and vibrant future of a child!  As in the war culture, the culpability culture is rigged a symbol of torture, a cross with a suffering body.

Look at Buddha smiling and peaceful inside, look at Crucifixion... What symbol is a peaceful symbol?



Photographs : Balazé 35 FRANCE


Monument to the dead of the wars 14-18 and 39-45 transformed into a monument for the disappeared people memory and above for future  in a monument to life and peace celebrating the creative trinity mother and father in full awareness of the errors of the past, compassion, and expression of freedom, decision for future: offer the child life, development a future of peace to rise to the light, without forgetting the trials and errors of the warrior generations past as an teaching. To choose between violent death and life, love and sense.

Acting for peace with nonviolence as a tool of expression was the great and immense message of Gandhi: he showed the way, he set the example. No ideology with thoughts, which remain o­nly texts o­n paper, intentions, but the concrete example of the action, the acts realised, the implementation of the thoughts of peace, which animate our heart. What is essential is concretization of intentions.

Ill bring also my woman vision by poetry with a proposition of 7 poems: messages to my brothers to listen, to heard, to understand, to feel the feminine energy, an way expressive and an action into our world for spiritual balance and recognition of all what we are, and of what we have to be with our environment.

1.The breath of my soul (The message to my brothers, all men)

2.The power of love

3.Listen to the feminine source


5.I walk in the desert

6.A moment of clarity

7.I am femininity

With love and consideration for all of you, brothers and sisters

With the culture of peace and the way shown by Gandhi, 

Dr Thea Marie Robert

Messenger for the culture of peace nominated in 2000 At UNESCO

GHA Muse of Harmony

Dr WAAC world academy for arts and culture

Golden Medal Arts Sciences Letters Academy





Congratulations and keep going, life is too short and Energy must be long.

To all of you may Peace be our huge victory and our friendship the Prize of our souls.
All the best.

Bella Ventura




Dear Leo and all,

          Congratulation o­n the 15th Anniversary of GHA and the great contribution to World Peace & Harmoney!Please keep your good health, happiness, and long life.

          Love & Best regards,

Kae Morii,






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