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Rudolf Siebert. Religion Psychology


Psychological Elements in Religion:

The Longing for Wholeness and the Totally Other


Rudolf J. Siebert and Karen Shoup-Pilarski



Western Michigan University







Picture o­n Book Cover. 

Throughout themythology of the Greek Religion of Fate and Beauty, particularly in Homer'sOdyssey and Iiliad,the souls of the heroes,as, e.g., of Odysseus, Achilleus, Aeneas, Dionysos, Heracles, Hermes, Orpheus, Pirithous, Psyche, Theseus and Sisyphus, etc. journeyed to the underworld, and returned, still alive, conveyed by the boat of Charon, or Kharon (Greek Χάρων),the ferryman of Hades. In the picture o­n the book cover above, Charon carries a soul of a newly deceased person across the rivers Styx and Acheron, that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead,the Hades.

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Meaning of Book Cover


Chapter I: Perspectives

Chapter II: Critical Theory of Religion and Society

Chapter III: The Individual and the Infinite

Chapter IV: Consciousness and Subconsciousness

Chapter V:The Religious and the Secular

Chapter VI:Antagonisms

Chapter VII:The Entirely Other

Chapter VIII: Traditional and Critical Psychologists

Chapter IX:Male and Female

Chapter X:Father and Mother

Chapter XI:Mythos and Enlightenment

Chapter XII:Individual and Collective

Chapter XIII:Secularization and Individuation

Chapter XIV:Autonomy and Solidarity

Chapter XV:Religion and Alienation

Chapter XVI: Person as Story

Chapter XVII:Critical Questions

Chapter XVIII:Alternative Futures

Chapter XIX:Courage to Be

Chapter XX:Right and Left

Chapter XXI:Theodicy

Chapter XXII:Ethical Aspirations

Chapter XXIII:Salvation and Redemption

Chapter XXIV:Social Problems

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