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Leo Semashko. The GHA knows how to build a society without war/violence. Do you know?



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This publication of our interview is the first swallow of world recognition in the 21st century of the Gandhian societal genetic spherons of humanity/noosphere, excluding war/violence and ensuring the survival, global peace and prosperity of all nations o­n the third path of civilizational evolution.


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The Interview Abstract.

The simple formula for building a society without war/violence, deployed in the "Antinuclear Manifesto XXI", is as follows: "The Gandhian tetrad of peace spherons replaces/supplants the genocidal nuclear triad and any social violence." Or: "Strategic active peace of spherons instead of Strategic nuclear weapons."


Interview Feature of Leo Semashko for

World Growth Forums Magazine October 2020 Issue



                                             Title: I Know How To Build A Society Without War

By: Leo Semashko, Founder and Honorary President, Global Harmony Association


Intro: WGF brings to its readers an exclusive interview with Leo Semashko, who is a philosopher, sociologist, cyberneticist and peacemaker. He has devoted his entire conscious life to humanistic Gandhian values of peace, nonviolence, love, harmony, equality, justice and brotherhood of nations.


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Quote: The GHA is an international peacemaking organization, created in 2005 and now uniting more than 600 humanitarians from 65 countries and about a million in the GHA collective members. For 15 years of its peacemaking activity, 10 books and 78 peacemaking projects have been created in the GHA with an innovative science called Cybersferonics, which develops the cybernetic cognition of global peace o­n the basis of Gandhian societal genetic spherons.


WGF: Please tell us about yourself.

          L Semashko: Briefly, I identify myself with my life achievements as follows: philosopher, sociologist, cyberneticist and peacemaker from the harmony of the Gandhian spherons, providing global peace and prosperity to all nations and humanity as a whole. This is substantiated by my fundamental scientific research of about 50 years (more than 600 publications including 20 books) and my more than 15 years in the GHA during which 10 books were collectively written and 78 peacemaking projects were created under my scientific supervision. Therefore, I personify the GHA fruits, outside of the spiritual, friendly and harmonious aura of which they could not be created. I am sincerely grateful to the GHA, all its members and friends, for this fertile soil and atmosphere in which its fundamental/unprecedented scientific and peacemaking achievements were born.


WGF: You are the Founder and President of the Global Harmony Association (GHA). Please share with us what is the GHA all about.

         L Semashko: The GHA is an international peacemaking organization, created in 2005 and now uniting more than 600 humanitarians from 65 countries and about a million in the GHA collective members. For 15 years of its peacemaking activity, 10 books and 78 peacemaking projects have been created in the GHA with an innovative science called Cybersferonics, which develops the cybernetic science of global peace o­n the basis of Gandhian societal genetic spherons. It was verified by world statistics in the 9th book of the GHA Gandhica, 2019: (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848). The full list of GHA books and projects can be seen here: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=472. The GHA Mission is “To bring peace from harmony and to pave a conscious way for harmonious Gandhian civilization of nonviolence o­n scientifically based ‘The ABC of Harmony’, 2012; ‘Global Peace Science’, 2016; and ‘Gandhica’, 2019 through harmonious education in them.”


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WGF: SPHERONS are the eternal actors, the heart, the engine and the genome of the society and its global peace. In an unnecessary conflict of SPHERONS and PARTONS (whole and parts of society), is social harmony and global peace certain naturally with the passage of time?

          L Semashko: Yes, social harmony and global peace in society/humanity is its natural norm and the eternal genetic law of its survival, growth and development. There is no other law of its life. But its substance is so complex and deeply hidden that humanity has not yet matured to their clear scientific knowledge and understanding, remaining in the infancy of knowing this substance. However, the harmonious/peaceful nature of humankind was intuitively and partially revealed in the brilliant guesses of theworld’s greatest thinkers,from ancient times to thepresent day, which has beeninvestigated in many of myscientific works, startingfrom 1975. Until a clearscientific understandingof this genetic nature,humanity remained andremains until now in itsnescience/ignorance,which plunged it for manythousands of years into theinfant era of wars, enmity,violence of the peoples anddifferent groups, deprivedof knowledge of thestructure/organization oftheir peaceful/harmonious/nonviolent life.

For the first time,Mahatma Gandhi beganto speak about the scienceof peace and non-violencealmost 100 years ago o­n thebasis of his fundamentalidea of equal varnas/spherons, suggested to himby their thousand-yearprehistoric in ancient, pre-Vedic India. o­nly now, afterthe collapse of Marxism,which affirmed globalrevolutionary violenceand after the deepest crisisof the imperialist violentsystem, science has becomemore attentive to the great,still undisclosed scientificheritage of the Gandhi’sspherons nonviolence.His intuitive ideas ofnonviolence were raised tothe level of fundamentalcybernetic science and a“substantial new mannerof thinking” (Einstein) bythe spheres/spherons ofhumanity that make upits eternal genetic code ofsurvival, life and growth inthe GHA books, especially inthe mentioned “Gandhica”,where they receivedjustification and verificationby world statistics.

Within the framework ofthe Gandhian paradigm ofnonviolence spheres/spherons deployedhere, a socio-genetic formula for survival,prosperity and World Growth of theNoosphere (WGN) was created based o­nfour spheral societal clusters.

Briefly, it is written as follows: WGN =4PIOT x 4Spherons/SIOT x 4Markets/SIOT x 4Spheres/SIOT.

Its foundation is made up of 4 equallynecessary and together sufficient societal/spheral resources of society/humanity/noosphere: People (all population),Information (any knowledge),Organization (any governance/order),Things (any material goods and services),in abbreviated form: PIOT.

PIOT define 4 equally necessary andtogether sufficient SPHERONS, societal/spheral classes of the population,differing by the production of PIOT:Sociospheron, engaged in the productionof people; Infospheron, engaged in theproduction of information; Orgspheron,engaged in the production oforganizations; Technospheron, engagedin the production of things. Abbreviated:SIOT/Spherons.Spherons are made up of historical transient partial population groups called partons.

PIOT define 4 equally necessary andtogether sufficient societal/spheralMarkets/exchanges (distribution/exchange processes) of these resources:Social (labor market), Informational,Organizational, Technical (market ofmaterial goods and services) markets.Abbreviated: SIOT/Markets.

PIOT determine 4 equally necessaryand together sufficient societalSpheres of social production (social autopoiesis): Sociosphere (production of people, humans in a family, education, health care, etc. institutions), Infosphere (production of any knowledge), Orgsphere (production of any organizations), Technosphere (production of any material goods and services). Abbreviated: SIOT/Spheres. They include all other spheral clusters, defining and creating the integrity/holism of the noosphere/humanity.

All of the listed 16 spheral clusters of the noosphere/humanity genetic code ensuring its life at all levels from the individual and family to the global society, are equally necessary, because the absence/zero of any of them means its death, the impossibility of any social existence. The spontaneous, early state of the noosphere/humanity, still devoid of knowledge, consciousness and thinking of its societal genetic code in the spheres/spherons substance creates its constant violent, pathological deformations by militaristic confrontation and wars of various partons, professional and national parts of spherons. Wars, violence, militarism and confrontation of partons can be supplanted o­nly by their peace and nonviolence within the framework of the conscious social harmony of spherons o­n the basis of their fundamental scientific/cybernetic knowledge of their life spheral genetics, briefly expressed by the WGN formula.

All of the listed 16 spheral clusters of the noosphere/humanity genetic code are identical, constitute a common denominator at all its levels, but are always different in their internal, continuously changing numbers and in the infinite variety of their types and forms.

The “x” signs between the spheral clusters of the WGN formula express their necessary synergy, mutual multiplication, continuous growth and development in their harmonious unity, which excludes violence, confrontation and war.

In the paradigm of the spheral WGN, there are universal innovative tools for mastering their unprecedented complexity and integrity/holism through the corresponding global digitalization in spheral mathematical and fractal statistics and its numerous information technologies presented in “Gandhica” and in my other and GHA books.

The spheral Gandhian paradigm and its WGN formula is a social philosophy, a new vision and scientific instruments of an innovative global business that ensures harmonious spheral world growth, which stimulates the corresponding nation building and vice versa in a cybernetic feedback.

The traditional social science of the last century, mired in age-old ideological stagnation, was able to take o­nly the term “nonviolence” (peace, harmony, love) from Gandhi’s brilliant teaching, but was powerless to understand its spheral sociogenetic nature, code and substance in its societal spheres/spherons, disclosed o­nly at the beginning of the 21st century, in my and GHA books.


WGF: What was your source for similar fundamental discovery in social science?

          L Semashko: The true author of this fundamental discovery is Mahatma Gandhi. The socio-cybernetic science presented above is o­nly a modern disclosure, substantiation and verification by world statistics of the fundamental sociogenetic Gandhian law of the nonviolence varnas/spherons, in which the term “spherons” is o­nly a modern universal synonym for ancient Indian “varnas”. The Gandhian Varnas Law is the law of spherons and vice versa. Gandhi defines this law in the following quotes, each of which is confirmed by our researches, and constitutes an unrecognized absolute truth of modern social science.

Varna is not a human invention, but an immutable law of nature – the statement of [genetic] tendency that is ever present and at work like Newton’s law of gravitation. Just as the law of gravitation existed even before it was discovered, so did the law of varna. Varna is the law of life universally governing the human family... this is the law of our being. All varnas are equal, for the community depends no less o­n o­ne than o­n another.

Though the law of varna is a special discovery of some Hindu seer, it has universal application. The world may ignore it today, but it will have to accept it in the time to come… “Varna is the best guarantee of a happy life…” [Gandhi, M.My Religion, 1955, pp. 169–172 – http://gandhisevagramashram.org/pdf-books/myreligion.pdf].

Only the knowledge of this sociogeneticlaw, unknown to humanity, allowed Gandhito achieve an impossible result for a violentcivilization: to provide India with freedomand independence from the strongestviolent British world empire without asingle shot and without a single victim.Gandhi’s law, as the law of nonviolence,for so long has not been recognized by thetraditional social science, built o­n violence;and therefore ideologically alienated fromit, opens up for humanity a fundamentallynew, holistic logic of a “substantially newmanner of thinking” [Einstein], whichensures its survival in nonviolence, love,peace and harmony.

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WGF: Since 1970, after finishing the Moscow State University graduate school, your community participation has been immense. What drives you to keep o­n working towards a better society and a better planet?

          L Semashko: On this score, I have twofundamental motives. First, this is my mother’s willto find a society “in which there is no war” so thatpeople do not repeat her and my fate, when herhusband and my father was killed in the first daysof the war with the Nazis in June 1941, as writtenin many of my works.

The second o­ne is the belief in the harmonious,humanistic nature of humankind, revealedby the entire history of world philosophy andcrowned with brilliant scientific guesses ofMahatma Gandhi’s nonviolence, who saw in itsspheral substance “the greatest force of mankindmightier than the mightiest [nuclear] weaponsof destruction.” My thinking and work in thisdirection have made the meaning of my whole life,which I am very proud of.


WGF: You have authored more than 600 scientific works o­n philosophy, sociology, culture, law and policy, including 20 books in many languages. What is the general focus in your writing?

          L Semashko: My orientation is conviction,faith and scientific fundamental justification ofglobal peace/nonviolence from the social geneticharmony of the Gandhian spheres/spherons,briefly defined above.


WGF: International bodies, such as the United Nations, are doing a lot for world peace. What more is possible and how?

          L Semashko: On the basis of the spheral Gandhianparadigm presented above, we have created severalinnovative fundamental peacemaking projects,including the project of a harmonious spheral UN.It is replacing the modern, disharmonious in itsessence, and therefore the militaristic UN, whichfor 75 years, with all the partial peacemakingachievements, turned out to be structural andintellectually incapable of building a globalsecurity/peace system, which excludes continuouswars, an escalating arms race and a sharpeningthreat of global nuclear genocide/ecocide.Fundamental scientific perspective to improve thestructure and technologies of global nonviolentgovernance are disclosed within the frameworkof the Gandhian paradigm in the last book of theGHA under my scientific guidance: “AntinuclearManifesto XXI” (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). In this “Manifesto”paradigm, its 44 co-authors from 25 countries,including four Nobel laureates are proposing to theUN and key nuclear powers to replace the genocidalnuclear triad with the Gandhian peace/spherons tetrad through thepositive, constructive negotiations of these powers under the UNauspices. Why not then are they preparing a new START Treaty? Ouropinion does not hinder but facilitates it and its perspective.


WGF: How important is understanding and participation of youth in the anti-nuclear campaign?

          L Semashko: Young people are a decisive force in building a nuclear-freefuture in which to live. Young people and women who give birthand raise children not to become victims of the new global Hiroshimaand who together make up almost 70% of the population are the mainopponents of nuclear genocidal and terrorist weapons. Therefore, itselimination is inevitable. It will significantly accelerate if they armthemselves with fundamental scientific knowledge of the spheralGandhian nonviolent paradigm presented in my and the GHA books.


WGF: COVID-19 has been difficult all around the world. What learnings do you take away from this tough time?

          L Semashko: Lesson is o­ne. Humanity – due to the global policyof pathological confrontation between leading powers and worldleaders – lacks solidarity, cohesion, partnership and resources spenton lethal weapons, primarily nuclear, for joint and coordinatedovercoming of the COVID-19 pandemic. It requires, above all, a banon nuclear weapons and the channeling of the freed up trillions ofdollars to protect the world population from it.


WGF: What are your future plans? What are the causes dear to your heart?

          L Semashko: My plans for the future are to complete the GHAlatest book, dedicated to the new, Gandhian nonviolent democracy,as an alternative to traditional, militaristic/violent, which hasfinally discredited itself in the USA, the EU and other countries inits inability to solve the global problems of nuclear disarmament,pandemics, economic crises, environmental disasters, poverty,inequality and the like. The collapse and inevitable replacementof Western violent democracy was clearly predicted by MahatmaGandhi. His prediction is coming true in our time.

The dear humanistic Gandhian values of peace, nonviolence, love,harmony, equality, justice, brotherhood of nations are close to myheart, to the promotion of which I was happy to devote my entireconscious life.


WGF: What message would you like to give to the people and youth of the world?

         L Semashko: My message to people and youth of the worldis to understand, think, master the humanistic legacyof the Gandhian values, through education from earlychildhood in the books created over 15 years in the GHAunder my scientific guidance and others like them, whichwe constantly propagandize and cite – these are primarilyworks o­n Gandhi’s nonviolence. o­nly such education ofyouth will become, in the words of its great successor, NelsonMandela, “the most powerful weapon that will radicallychange the world”, transforming its violent, previous erainto the Era of Nonviolence, Peace, Harmony and Love inthe 21st century. I have this best message and wishes foryoung people, for my children and grandchildren.



The GHA two Messages "I KNOW HOW" to the o­nline book

"UN 75 Messages". 1. For the UN:

The International peacemaking organizations ICAN and GHA attach "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" by 44 co-authors, including four Nobel laureates, from 25 countries (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). It equips humanity with compressed knowledge of HOW to build a society without war and violence. It fundamentally strengthens the UN's thinking with the peacebuilding paradigm of the Gandhian’s nonviolent spherons tetrad replacing and supplanting the militaristic genocidal nuclear triad, leaving it no place and social basis for its existence in the 21st century. With this Gandhian paradigm in a modern scientific form verified by world statistics, the UN can firmly and reasonably declare that now, 75 years later, it knows well how to build a world order of humanity without war and violence. The Gandhian paradigm of a nonviolent world order in our century, which ensures global security, peace and prosperity for all nations, leaves no room for nationalism and turns multilateralism into a modern Gandhian fourdimensional pluralism of irrefutable socio-cybernetic holistic science.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President and "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" Editor-in-chief,



2. For the Women Movement and Organisations:

Yes, the great “UNSCR 1325 marked the first time the Security Council addressed the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict o­n women and recognized their contribution to conflict resolution and prevention. Twenty years later, it remains a transformative instrument to put women at the core of global leadershipand all efforts to prevent conflict and end the scourge of war.”

Now, through 20 years, the new fundamental step in the women’s thinking needs to lift their partner role and mission in the global leadership. To implement this step of the international women organisations, we, the international peacemaking organizations ICAN and GHA, are happy to suggest our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" by 44 co-authors, including four Nobel laureates, from 25 countries (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=908). It equips women with compressed knowledge of how to build a society without war and violence. It fundamentally strengthens the women’s thinking with the peacebuilding paradigm of the Gandhian’s nonviolent spherons tetrad replacing and supplanting the militaristic genocidal nuclear triad, leaving it no place and social basis for its existence in the 21st century.

With this Gandhian paradigm in a modern scientific form verified by world statistics, the women’s organizations can firmly and reasonably declare that now they knows well how to build a world order of humanity without war and violence, how to achieve full social, political and economic equality of women through the equality of the Gandhian spherons (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=848) and how ensure full gender partnership/balance in the spirit of the great ideas of Riane Eisler (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=932) and Helena Roerich (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=815).

The Gandhian paradigm of a nonviolent world order with the full spheral equality of women in our century, which ensures global security, peace and prosperity for all nations, leaves no room for nationalism and turns multilateralism into a modern Gandhian fourdimensional pluralism of irrefutable socio-cybernetic holistic science.

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President and "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto XXI" Editor-in-chief,

Published in the book UN75 Messages”:






The first swallow of the GHA world recognition

Dear GHA members, friends,

I am happy to announce the excellent publication of our interview in the broad international magazine World Growth Forums (WGF): https://www.worldgrowthforums.com/world-growth-forums-magazines/, for which we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to its Editor-in-chief Hasina Parvin (https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=960).

This interview, as the first swallow of world recognition of the GHA's unprecedented Gandhian achievements in fundamental science and global peacemaking, was re-published o­n our website with a translation into Russian and a banner above here:

In English: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=964

In Russian: https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=849

On its basis, we formulated our proposals for the UN and international women's organizations in the o­nline book "UN 75 Messages" o­n the question of HOW they can master the fundamental scientific knowledge of building a society without war/violence in the 21st century, deployed in our "Anti-Nuclear Manifesto" by 44 coauthors from 25 countries in order to first of all ensure the prohibition of the absolute evil - genocidal nuclear weapons.

These proposals are published o­n the indicated pages and in the named book here:

https://www.theonlinebookcompany.com/OnlineBooks/ThankyouUnitedNations/Contributions/Messages/194?p=2 (turn pages to the left)

https://www.theonlinebookcompany.com/OnlineBooks/ThankyouUnitedNations/Contributions/UNSCR1325/10?p=2 (turn pages to the right)

They constitute our scientific contribution to the celebration of the UN 75th anniversary and to its cardinal peacemaking transformation based o­n the Gandhian societal spherons of global security and world peace, in order to exclude the very possibility of a repetition of Hiroshima / Nagasaki and put an end to endless wars. The GHA encourages you to widely disseminate these publications in your social networks and to reprint them o­n your sites. Thank you for your understanding, solidarity and active action.

         Best wishes to you health and peace from the Gandhian spherons harmony,






Dear Léo,

I transmitted for information to organizations of peace and international in Europe, like at the Institutions represented o­n our continent: UNESCO, UNO, Council of Europe, the European Parliament.






Dear All,

Thanks for nice achievement of GHA!


Pravat Kumar Dhal,





16 million visits.

Ernesto Kahan



Dear Leo, dear Adam,

Sincere congratulation o­n your success. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,




Dear Leo and GHA peacemakers,

Congratulation for this successful action-publication.

Our efforts for Harmony and Peace for 15 years are visible and true.

Perhaps their results will be done in the years the come. I hope next generations.

I do believe in Justice, which is the life target for every human o­n this planet and Life.

Leo is the founder, we are followed.

Congratulations first to Leo, and after to all members of GHA.

With Love Peace Harmony and Justice.

Takis D Ioannides

Co-founder and VP of GHA



Мои поздравления,

Ирина Курис,



Congratulations to all peace loving friends.

Hope this effort at world level will succeed in this mission.

Dr. Noor M Larik



My dear Leo,




Ananta Giri




Congratulations, Leo.

Peace and blessings,

Adam Greenwell,

New Zealand


Great Dear Leo!


Susana Roberts



Dear Dr.Leo,

Glad to see and hear about this recognition, congratulations for such

big number of page hits, We are happy with this recognition.

Stay safe everyone and keep social distancing. We should also pray for early

recovery from this COVID-19 pandemic, pray this pandemic could end soon

and see smiling faces everywhere around the world.

Best wishes,

Ashfaque Qureshi

Development Professional

Sukkur Sindh Pakistan

Mobile: +923003143211

Ashfaque Qureshi


Our compliments for the conquest. Fruit of serious work developed.


GHA - Brazil



С большим интересом прочла интервью и пришла к выводу, что оно отвечает на вопрос: "как построить общество без войны и насилия?" Интервью отвечает на этот вопрос на основе одной фундаментальной идеи мира и гармонии - идеи гандианских сферонов. Эта идея развивается и обосновывается в ГСГ мировой статистикой в течение более 15 лет. Интервью опубликовано в хорошем международном журнале с широким представительством во всех социальных сетях. Его публикация - действительно мировое признание работы и Гандианских идей ГСГ.


Вера Попович



Hearty Congratulations to o­ne and all o­n the publication of a great good interview

of eminent GHA members in the broad international magazine World Growth Forums.


Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana




«Я знаю, как построить общество без войны/насилия». Лев Семашко.

Интервьюжурналу «World Growth Forums»

(WGF): https://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=849

       Сообщество ГСГ давно ждало положительной реакции на нашу деятельность. Интервью Льва Семашко показывает и доказывает, что мы на правильном пути. Мы все прекрасно понимаем какую ответственность и сложную работу мы взвалили на наши плечи. Основная задача — это ненасилие. Но практически воплотить наши идеи очень сложно, мы должны убедить международный империализм во всей его насильственной глобальной системе, чтобы он мирным путем принял наши идеи и позволил их воплотить. Прошлая история показала, что элиты никогда не уступают своей власти без крови. Теперь наступило то время, которое демонстрирует полный крах и бессилие этой системы насильственно, самым тупым силовым образом решать национальные и глобальные проблемы, которые никак не решаются подобным образом и только обостряются, оставаясь для нее неразрешимыми, что показывает ежедневная практика. Всему приходит конец изнутри. Эта система исчерпала себя и поставила человечество на грань самоистребления. Так жить дальше оно не может. И не будет. Будет искать и ищет новые способы мышления и жизни. Ненасильственные. Которые впервые узнал и применил практически Ганди. Мы, ГСГ, только подняли его интуиции на уровень фундаментальной науки, обеспечив его ключевой идее ненасильственных сферонов верификацию мировой статистикой, которая неопровержима и с которой придется считаться каждому независимо от его мнений и предпочтений. Поэтому время работает на нас, а мы – на него. Империализм разваливается и умирает сам, и умрет без нашей помощи и без наших усилий. Он только абсолютно не знает, чем себя заменить, а мы – знаем. ЗНАЕМ КАК ПОСТРОИТЬ ОБЩЕСТВО БЕЗ ВОЙНЫ/НАСИЛИЯ!!!   Раскрытие этой идеи составляет главную ценность и познавательное значение упомянутого интервью.  Лев Семашко направляет и вдохновляет движение ГСГ, но поставленная задача требует большой интеллектуальной работы и новых людских ресурсов.

Александр Семашко,



Dear Leo and All;

Namaskar!/Greetings from Nepal!

Grand congratulations for your outstanding achievements.

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

Bishnu Pathak





Вы правы: только без насилия и можно строить общество будущего, в противном случае и строительство обречено на крах в конечном счёте. Профессор Лео Семашко своей методологией доказывает этот тезис основательно и всесторонне, за что ему и Честь, и Хвала! Наверное и Нобелевский комитет и другие международные Форумы Планеты должны знать основные составные элементы Методологии Сферонов Лео Семашко непременно, иначе теория не получит практики. Но здесь кроется основная проблема эволюции прогресса - для продвижения дела, идеи, требуется непременное организационное сопровождение.

Силами одного лишь ГСГ в продвижении Гандики не обойтись. Очевидно членам ГСГ следует позаботиться о преемственности полученной методологии, и создать учебно-образовательный цикл фильмов для закладки в наследие Человечества. Берите инициативу в свои руки, пока есть некоторое время у человечества без глобальных войн и некросферного насилия!

С теплом, и пожеланием внутренней Гармонии-

Владимир Оноприенко,

Академик Ноосферной Общественной Академии наук,

Соавтор Анти-Ядерного Манифеста Мира,





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