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June 21, 2010: First Global Harmony Day of Harmonious Civilization

June 21, 2010: First Global Harmony Day of Harmonious Civilization


Dear Creators of Harmonious Civilization:


GHA Message for June 21, 2010 o­n Global Harmony Day in the Harmonious Era Calendar is devoted to the following two most momentous events:

1. 2010 as the first year of the Harmonious Civilization and

2. Harmonious thinking of a new civilization which is presented in details in the GHA program book Harmonious Civilization http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379.


2010 as the first year of the Harmonious Civilization:

For more than 5 years, GHA has been intently watching the new historical trend of global harmonization which may be traced back to 1947. This time we collected approximately 65 instances of global harmony in the different spheres and countries: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=382. Strengthening of this tendency and accumulation of the facts has established two critical points: a) 1990s witnessed the socialist camp collapse, which replaced the past historical alternative "capitalism-socialism" within industrialism by the new historical alternative "industrialism-harmonism" (or industrial civilization harmonious civilization), and b) 2009 marked the birth of a harmonious civilization connected with two new key historic initiatives: 1) The beginning of nuclear disarmament, which is possible o­nly in new Harmonious Civilization, instead of an industrial militaristic civilization, and 2) 2009 also marked the creation of the scientific theory of a harmonious civilization, which provides a conscious, peaceful and nonviolent development for this civilization.

These historical events have been strengthened by the two simultaneously occurring facts in this direction: 1) Since 1992, The European Union (a union of approximately 30 countries with a population of 500 million) was established on the harmony principle Unity in diversity, and 2) Since 2006, China (with a population almost a quarter of the total humanity) is consciously building a harmonious society.

Therefore, we propose that June 21, 2010 is the First Global Harmony Day of the Harmonious Civilization. It is a conscious day of a conscious civilization. This is unprecedented event in history when the new civilization realizes itself since the first year. This day is not merely a simple symbol of a new era marked by conscious beginning of a new, harmonious, mentality of humankind, but the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment and the conscious Harmony Renaissance. It is absolutely unimportant that this consciousness is observed o­nly within small international community of GHA. It is important, however that it is observed. And with distribution of harmonious enlightenment and education, its expansion will not keep waiting for long.

Harmonious thinking of a new civilization:

Harmonious Enlightenment, just as any thought, begins with the alphabet, language and thinking of harmony. Enlightenment is a transition from ignorance to knowledge, from o­ne level of knowledge to another, essentially new level. Most of us are competent in the alphabet and language of industrialism. We know the core concepts of industrial thinking which are identical with disharmony. The language of industrial civilization teaches us to achieve peace from war. Engagement of the military to find peace results in the daily preparation for a new war for national and any private interests. Its motivation is greed and profit by the military industry and arrogance of the subscribing democracies and dictatorships. The war spread by such precedence may lead to involvement by all nations, simply because of a lack of alternative for the world growing in a culture of violence. This culture breeds disharmonious reading and writing, which creates disharmonious man. There are several big and small states, which own the weapons of mass destruction with their annual military expense growing faster than that of other necessities. The ultimate end of this civilization is a universal genocide (Ernesto Kahan and Taki Yuriko) in a global nuclear or other fire. The 21st century genocide of billions will be the apotheosis of an industrial civilization and its thinking.

Only the alternative trend of global harmony and the newborn harmonious civilization can overcome the culture of violence and its apotheosis. To develop harmonious thinking, we should master the alphabet and harmony language, both at individual level and social level. Instead of schools and academies which prepare for violence, we should create schools and academies of global harmony. Such schools will prepare everyone with its alphabet, language, concepts and thinking. The language of global harmony will delineate spheral classes of population leading to harmonious peace (peace from harmony). It priority is children raised in harmonious civilization to cultivate harmonious democracy. o­nly harmonious democracy can give rise to a culture of harmony by teaching harmonious education in developing a harmonious person. This will lead to prosperity of all people and all nations all of them identical in harmony, truth, justice and humanism. All of the above mentioned building blocks and notions are equally important. Each of them is a science. Together they make harmonious thinking, which is presented for the first time in the GHA 20 projects and four collective books in 5 years.

The Global Harmony Day 2010 symbolizes the conscious beginning of universal harmonious enlightenment and culture of harmonious thinking replacing a culture of military-industrial thinking, which can o­nly assure universal genocide. These are two philosophies, two persons, two ways of life, thinking and behavior of two civilizations; when o­ne dies and the other is born o­nly.


GHA congratulates its members and all people of the world o­n June 21, 2010

As the First Global Harmony Day of the Harmonious Civilization


On this GHA main holiday of Global Harmony Day, let us honor the GHA following members with the following honorary titles for their contributions to the Global Harmony:

In recognition for his lifelong contributions for the cause of global harmony and the GHA projects and to honor of 70 anniversary, the GHA highest honorary title, the World Harmony Creator is awarded to Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan, MD, MPH, Tel Aviv University, Poet, Vice President, World Academy of Arts and Culture, USA, Former Vice President and a delegate to the Nobel Peace Prize Reception, 1985, IPPNW, Israel,

In recognition for his great contributions to the GHA projects through Ukrainian language translations, the GHA Honorary Member is awarded to Dr. Ivan Mitjaj, Biology Professor, Kiev University, Ukraine


We sincerely congratulate you o­n the GHA Honorary Titles.



Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President


Dr. Laj Utreja,

GHA-USA President



Harmonious Education: Todays Top Priority for Children

GHA Message o­n Protection and Childrens Priority Day, June 1, 2010


Dear parents, teachers, and grandparents:


Today, o­n June 1st, 2010 The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you o­n the Protection and Childrens Priority Day o­n the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar (since 2005). The GHA calls o­n all of you to set harmonious education for children as their top priority.


Times and again, the concerned leaders have voiced their view that a family and a society offer the best protection for the children. We constantly prove that the best protection of children is their social priority. What specific social milestones have contributed to this important issue in 2010? June 1st is the first Protection and Childrens Priority Day of a new, Harmonious Civilization which was born silently and innocuously in 2009. Supporting argument of its features: a) In 2009, the nuclear disarmament began, which is possible o­nly in new Harmonious Civilization, instead of an industrial militaristic civilization, b) Also in 2009 the scientific theory of a harmonious civilization was created, which provides basis for development of peaceful and nonviolent movements unlike industrial o­nes, c) Beginning of a harmonious society by China (it is almost a quarter of the total humanity), and d) 65 other developments of global harmony in different spheres and countries.


What does this unique historical shift of modernity toward harmonization mean for our children and grandchildren? This question has been well answered in the last century by Eleanor Roosevelt We must prepare with the revolution of education Without a completely new approach in education, our youth will not be completely equipped to face the world of the future. The harmonious civilization is born. Are our children ready for it? Are we ready for it? The answer is a categorical No. None of us are really ready for this, because we are all deprived of the corresponding, Harmonious Education.


All of us are ignorant in harmony, individually and socially. We do not know harmony language. We do not know even harmony alphabet. Having been brainwashed by the mass-media in violence, reading and watching the scenes of violence, murders and crimes around the clock, all of us, including our children have become competent in violence. Our society is o­ne continuous academy of disharmony. Many of our societies give education in wars through militaristic training. Our children are constantly engaged in the computer games of aggression, murders and wars in their pastime. Lack of societal support from the parents, teachers and grandparents against all this we are preparing our children for a culture of violence depriving them of an opportunity to live in peace and harmony and experience happiness.


Unchecked prevalence of the culture of violence will keep us ignorant in harmony just as the savages of the distant past. A revolution in education Revolution of Harmonious Education is necessary for us and our children. o­nly such a revolution will give our children a real hope for a peaceful future and happiness. Therefore, today it is the responsibility of each parent, teacher, and grandparent to provide harmonious education to our children.


GHA has created four projects of Harmony Academies: general, family, youth and leadership. They are published in our books and o­n the site:



GHA calls parents and teachers all over the world to get acquainted with these projects and use them in families, schools and all educational and training institutions.


By giving harmonious education to our children, we offer them the most important and necessary education for life, we prepare them for a new civilization, and above all we provide them the most reliable and true way of happiness. It is o­nly then we will overcome ignorance in harmony and an end to the culture of sustained violence.


Only then we will open for them the Age of Harmonious Enlightenment and Harmonious Peace. o­nly then our children and grandchildren will be better than us. It is our responsibility pick up our children from the ruinous culture of animal violence to the truly human world of harmony. We must take the first step from ignorance to enlightenment in harmony.


Today, the GHA wishes all parents, teachers and children o­nly o­ne thing harmonious education, which provides children all: health, prosperity, love, happiness and peace!


Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President


Dr. Laj Utreja,

GHA-USA President

AHL Conception and President approval, May 22, 2010

Dear GHA members,

I like to inform a result: the Academy of Harmonious Leadership (AHL) Conception and President are approved by GHA.

I received more than 40 responses in which there were YES to AHL President and o­nly 4 GHA members (two from Russia and two foreign) refrained from support of AHL Conception. I not received any response with NO to the AHL Concept or President. I warmly thank all GHA members for support of the new 20th GHA Project. In some responses concrete remarks and offers contained. o­n their basis I brought about 15 editorial amendments and additions in the Conception text. However, its contents not changed. Therefore I do not send its text to you. However, who wishes to read its final variant, you can do it o­n the site where it is published: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=429

I will remind that the English text will be edited by the carrier of English language in June-August. As our known English editors cannot or for a long time are absent, I invite English-speaking members, especially from youth to help to GHA with editing of 14 pages (without modules) in AHL Conception. It will be your great contribution which GHA will highly appreciate. Please, let me know the names of the GHA new editors.

In the Conception o­nly o­ne paragraph was essentially changed: it is the AHL list of experts-guides. Therefore I publish it below and I ask to inform me o­n the noticed errors and blanks. The general number of experts makes today 18 persons from 10 countries and the number of the AHL project makes supporters 14 persons. The AHL Vice-presidents will be approved, as you know, o­n May 31st.

For the summer months (June, July and August) I declare a vacation in GHA and I wish all to have the well rest o­n a nature, to visit various conferences, to be engaged in the health, children and grandchildren. I will be engaged in it too, I will periodically leave the city and to come back. But I am intended something and to make: to carry o­n negotiations with some heads, to write the ethical memorandum of Harmony for GHA and AHL, to involve in working out of Tetramathematics the new experts as the mathematics of a harmonious civilization is very powerful tool of its building and sharply it is required to AHL. As required I will sometimes inform you o­n it, not abusing your time and attention. Active work will begin in September with detailed personal discussion of each module of AHL.

But in the summer we should find new forces for our new practical work. Who will search the entertainments o­n Internet, please, do not forget about a harmony film library o­n our site: http://www.peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=252. It contains now more than 40 films devoted to the most different harmony: children, women, Earth, ocean, birds, animal, architecture, mathematics, flowers, space, Moon, music, humour, words, painting, different countries: China, Russia, France, Japan, Malta, Greece, Egypt, Milan, Petersburg etc. Therefore it will please each of you. I sincerely thank those from you who have sent me these remarkable films and also our web designer Ivan Ivanov who has created this great film library of harmony.

I wish all the pleasant rest, health and joy in life and Internet.

Best harmony wishes,



May 1: Global Love Day. Congratulations and New philosophy of love from harmony in a new civilization

TO: The Love Foundation (

TO: Harold Becker, President

Dear Harold!

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate you and your remarkable The Love Foundation (TLF) and also all GHA members and friends o­n Global Love Day! You established it seven years ago and you included it in the GHA Harmonious Era Calendar, which has been published in 2006 in 12 languages of the world by the separate book and o­n our website Peace from Harmony:

2010 is the first year of a harmonious civilization which was born in 2009. Therefore, our Calendar came into operation: Harmonious Era has begun. Therefore now in this day it is very important to understand destiny of love o­n the greatest shift of human history and its new philosophy. Today's Love Day is the first in Harmonious Era. Certainly, it is o­nly the beginning and a weak sprout of a new epoch. But in decades, the blossoming of this epoch will cover our entire planet in full bloom! Then all people will understand a deep indissoluble tie of love and harmony. The harmonious civilization becomes blossoming of love from harmony and o­nly then the love becomes unconditional, holistic, full, instead of o­ne-dimensional and frequently defective what we see it in an industrial civilization. The o­ne-dimensional love is limited by o­ne side: love to things, richness, money, body, power, art, to o­ne person, o­ne nation, o­ne religion, o­ne culture etc.

Opposite, the harmonious love or love from harmony is full, covers all four basic dimensions of human life and society and is embodied in beauty. Why we love beauty and we do not love the hideous? Because the beauty is a harmony embodiment as completeness and poly-dimensionality of a life; and the hideous there is a o­ne-dimensional disharmonious ugliness which sacrifice all for the sake of o­ne, irrespective of than this o­ne is. The beauty will rescue the world, the great Russian writer and philosopher Feodor Dostoevsky spoke 150 years ago. The beauty is harmony. Beauty is it that all people love. The beauty is love. Therefore the true love is harmony extensively: o­n source, subject and means. o­nly in this case the love becomes full, beautiful and unconditional. The human history has left to us many examples of similar love but they were exceptions. The harmonious civilization through harmonious education of all people since childhood and through the harmonious organisation of all spheres as persons and societies opens a possibility and creates the conditions of full, unconditional and beautiful love for each person and for each nation.

These conditions are scientifically unfolded for the first time, that is why it is far not perfect, but for the first time, in the GHA book Harmonious Civilization(
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379), co-authors of which are many members of your remarkable TLF. Therefore I suggest to develop old cooperation of our organisations: GHA and TLF in a harmonious civilization under the sign of new love: LOVE FROM HARMONY THROUGH HARMONY AND FOR HARMONY. The global and unconditional love is possible o­nly in the global harmony embodied in the developed harmonious civilization of humanity. The global unconditional love is an ideal for it, as well as global harmony, to which they both will come nearer eternally never reaching it.

Certainly, it is far not obvious philosophy and we will long discuss it, trying to comprehend a new meaning of love in a new civilization.

For seven years TLF has reached many brilliant achievements in the love statement worldwide. GHA wishes your Foundation the new great achievements in this noble direction! You can hope o­n GHA as trustworthy alien. You and TLF are presented o­n our site by special page in English and Russian languages: (

http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=131), and also a banner o­n its main page. Let me present to all our friends the bunch (below) in a sign of our love.
With love from harmony,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,

FYI: GHA Letters to Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Denis Kucinich and the American physicists


Dear friends from harmony,

I am glad to send you the GHA four letters which have been kindly sent by GHA-USA President Dr. Laj Utreja to Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Denis Kucinich and the American physicists who have proved necessity of nuclear zero. Laj made also the basic work o­n drawing up and editing of these letters. I express sincere gratitude to Laj for his great contribution to realization of the GHA projects.

Similar letters of GHA with the invitation to head political Club-2009 in support of a harmonious civilization have been directed by Dr. Tholana Chacravarthi to a member of India Parliament Rahul Gandhi; Mr Jean Basabose from Ruanda to the former leader of the United Nations to Dr. Kofi Anan; Dr. Steve Rajan to the Prime-minister of Malaysia. I also express sincere gratitude to you for your great contribution to realization of the GHA projects.

All letters have been sent together with GHA book Harmonious Civilization which is now at leaders of the leading countries, at many universities and the largest libraries of the world: USA Congress, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Rome, Vatican, Malaysia and other countries.

These letters are published o­n GHA website: http://peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=409.

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President



Russia and USA: First Practical Step to Nuclear Zero on a Way of Harmonious Civilization. 08/04/10

Dear friends,

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is happy to congratulate the members and all our friends with the first practical step of Russia and USA to nuclear zero o­n a way of the harmonious civilization which have reckoned from 2009.

US and Russia Presidents signed today in Prague the Treaty o­n nuclear reduction o­n 30 %, calculated o­n 7 years, that allows to predict achievement of nuclear zero in 20 years, and taking into account history acceleration in 15-10 years. It is the first stage of a harmonious civilization which goes o­n change of an industrial civilization and which is capable o­nly to create instead of to destroy the nuclear weapon. o­nly new, harmonious, civilization is capable to destroy it.

Therefore, the way of nuclear zero is the best proof of that the humanity entered a new civilization irrevocably! It is the new global modernity which will steadily develop and get stronger!!! It is the new reality which is cultivated intuitively by millions people and which is cultivated by the GHA knowingly in its projects of global harmony. We understand our belonging to this great world shift and we promote it actively! We congratulate each other and our friends with it!

Peace from Harmony!

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,


Harmony as a new, unknown, source of billions. I call you to study to earn money from harmony and for harmony!!! March 28, 2010

Dear GHA members, friends,

I received many congratulations and warm words from you in connection with my interview about a harmonious civilization in St-Petersburg News from March 23:
http://www.spbvedomosti.ru/article.htm?id=10265308@SV_Articles. Of them I quote some in reduction below and I published them at the address: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=407. Thank you very much for your congratulations which all GHA members should share.

Scientific comprehension of a harmonious civilization is our general achievement. From us now depends, that this scientific understanding, for the first time in the world presented in our book Harmonious Civilization (
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379), became a property as it is possible more numbers of people through translation of this book and its parts, through its mass publication as manual for schools and universities of the world, through its reviews, through education, including individual which becomes my priority.

On this book (but not o­nly), I created the unique elitist (for beginning) program for integrated harmonious training of the ambitious young men of 16-25 years to the higher posts in any state and to leadership in the new branches of world business constructed o­n harmony. These new branches will make their leaders by billionaires OF harmony and FOR harmony and to the world will bring justice, everlasting peace and happiness. In our book we have shown o­n the examples, that harmony is a new, unknown source of billions surpassing all oil, diamond, military and other industrial billions. Harmony is universal, it is necessary to all and always, o­n it stays a life, and therefore it is a inexhaustible spring of billions, as the sun. Who will understand it the first, that the first will receive billions from it. With these branches the new economy will begin ECONOMY of HARMONY or ECONOMY of the HARMONIOUS CIVILIZATION. o­nly this economy is just and true, authentically scientific and authentically human as o­nly it provides the COMMON GOOD and HARMONIOUS PROFIT from all social and natural resources to ALL people of the Earth and EVERYONE!!! For harmonious economy we created the theory of harmonious money as the new reserve currency HARMON guaranteeing harmonious profit each. The project of this global currency is published in our book (
http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=390). Not money is an evil but their mercenary distribution and their absolutization. Money can serve not o­nly to evil but also to good, not o­nly to disharmony (to wars, violence, etc.), but also to harmony. It waits them in a harmonious civilization. Money is universal as harmony; therefore they should and can serve to all people of the Earth, instead of a small part. It is a new philosophy of harmonious money for the new harmonious civilization which were born in 2009 as the GHA defined.

But billions from harmony, unlike industrial billions, will serve not to wars and corporations but to social and individual harmony of ALL PEOPLE of the WORLD that is identical to an everlasting peace, love, happiness, prosperity and justice o­n the Earth.

Certainly, today still nobody is able to extract billions from harmony. (The industrial civilization learnt to extract them o­nly from disharmony). The new young and ambitious professionals with the new integrated harmonious scientific thinking unfolded in the GHA books are for this purpose necessary first of all. Therefore o­nly in GHA the corresponding programs of training/education, both individual, and public through the Harmony Academies have been created.

I pay attention of the GHA members to this our unique potential and I call you in every possible way to develop or in every possible way to promote to its development in your countries. I am ready to share my elitist program with those GHA members who are ready to cooperate together with me in its realization in your countries, since the publication in the newspapers and o­n the websites of your countries of the following announcement:

I call you to study to earn money from harmony and for harmony!!!

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President,

Website Peace from Harmony for Harmonious Civilization: Updating Finish. February 25, 2010

Dear harmony friends,


I am happy to inform you, that we with our web designer Ivan Ivanov finished updating of the Main page of our site Peace from Harmony (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/) which is of the Global Harmony Association (GHA) information base. I express sincere gratitude to Ivan for his colossal and qualitative work o­n the site updating.

Our site became a unique information portal for conscious development of the harmonious civilization (which were born in 2009), that makes GHA Mission. Therefore it became a powerful information resource for the GHA independent financing (see below).


We created the following 12 new pages of the site Main menu:

About Us / History / Harmony Globalization / Harmony Science / Harmony Sphere Classes / Harmonious Democracy and State / Harmony: Beyond Corruption / Harmonious Civilization / Harmonious Education / Nuclear Zero: Harmony / Harmony Currency / Harmony Persons.

Now the Main menu emphasizes the major innovative aspects of our scientific-theoretical vision of a harmonious civilization and also its key practical projects of GHA.

Besides, the page Mission is essentially updated; and section Harmony Films replenished with the brilliant pictures of harmony of nature, countries (especially China, which the first begun the conscious building a harmonious society with 2006 and to pave the own way from socialism to a harmonious civilization) and people from all world which you sent. The site structure o­n a vertical became bilingual, and across multilingual, connected o­n the centre from above the general book of harmony which we write, and the GHA united emblem from below. We found the site epigraph in genius o­n philosophy poetic lines:


Harmony nectar is in everyone,

Who is o­nly born or has lived long,

And to understand to us is very important,

In harmony God created the World!


We invite you attentively to look the new pages and to state your remarks.

Certainly, works with site modernization will proceed. Translation of the site new pages, first of all Mission, o­n 14 languages is a priority. Within 1-2 weeks I will send to our translators the small texts of Mission and some other pages for this purpose.

What became our site for 5 years and what its importance for GHA development in the future?

Our site is the first in the Internet and the o­nly thing in the world o­n the following two unique signs:

  1. On a harmony science. Within 5 years we lifted Tetrasociology, as the harmony theory, o­n our site o­n level of a science of social/global harmony and developed o­n its basis essentially new Tetranet Harmonious thinking. We proved their efficiency in 19 the GHA collective projects responding to the global challenges of humanity. Similar analogues in the world do not exist, though many scientists and groups move in the same direction of harmony. The human history did not know still a social science of harmony and harmonious four-dimensional thinking, except GHA and its site. It makes our main pride, honour and contribution to radical change of human history, to its transformation from spontaneous and violent (animal) in conscious (scientific) and consequently nonviolent (truly human, harmonious) history. This contribution synthesizes in itself practically all basic harmonious ideas of the past and the present from all areas of knowledge and world cultures. Our site is a beehive which collects nectar of harmony from all world and it is open to any new ideas of harmony always. We do not compete with them but we synthesize them in a science of social harmony and we attach to them scientific significance. These can explain constantly raising public attention to our site: if for the first 4 years the number of its visiting made about 1 million, that o­nly for o­ne last year it made about 700 thousand.
  2. On collectivity of a harmony science. We proved our five years' experience, that the social science can be o­nly harmonious and o­nly in the harmonious society/civilization, beginning with a small harmonious international community what is GHA uniting more 350 members from 48 countries of the world. The site unites hundreds the brilliant and usual minds devoted to global harmony and a harmonious civilization. 87 from them, i.e. almost every fourth, have the personal page o­n our site and is presented in the Main menu new section: Harmony Persons. Any person separately, without others, alone, never could create neither a global science of social harmony, nor its site and GHA. They are o­nly the COMMON achievement and o­nly the COLLECTIVE merit. o­nLY! The harmonious global contribution can be o­nly joint, i.e. harmonious o­n a way and the actor. Certainly, the individual contribution of everyone to the common achievement was a different but o­nly their synthesis and unity provided the GHA colossal result and its site. It is as in an old Russian tale about the turnip which could pull out o­nLY the general, but different, efforts of the grandfather, the grandma, the grand daughter, the doggy, the cat and the smallest mouse. This tale expresses Russian culture of harmony and is similar to similar tales in many other cultures. GHA also, o­nly together, could pull out the turnip of scientific comprehension of a harmonious civilization and present it o­n the site, in 4 books and 19 projects. Therefore the GHA each member can be proud of our general result in which there is also its share without which would be no this result. We can tell that our site embodies Durkheims collective consciousness and solidarity to the full.

Our site became a powerful information resource for GHA financing o­n the following channels (other channels are possible, except listed):

  1. Club-2009: the large political figures united in it, cannot do without financing and our site, and GHA.
  2. Grants of the different foundations and organisations for financing, first of all, youth Academy of Harmony o­n the information basis of the site in a minimum for 2-4 weeks.
  3. Reprinting Harmonious Civilization book, published o­n the site, in the mass edition with updating of this book.
  4. Use of our site for preparation of the mass edition of the textbook o­n Tetrasociology for schools and universities of the world.
  5. Use of our site as manual for schools, universities and house harmonious training, including individual teaching.

I am personally ready now to the following practical actions in this direction:

1. To read at any university of the world o­n the basis of our site as manual the following lecture courses in length of 40-120 class periods during 1 5 months:

  1. Tetranet Harmonious Thinking of the 21st century
  2. Harmonious civilization of the 21st century
  3. Harmony Globalisation
  4. Harmony Philosophy
  5. Science of Social Harmony
  6. Science of Individual Harmony
  7. Harmonious (Sphere) Management
  8. Culture of Harmonious Peace and etc.

The GHA many members could prepare similar lecture courses o­n an information basis of our site also.

2. To prepare a custom-made course of lectures o­n harmony for any university practically o­n any theme of any social science within 1-3 months with work advancing.

3. To act in a role of the house teacher for preparation of the ambitious young (age 17-23) person from an ambitious family as future (in 10-20 years) President for harmonization of any country of the world. I will be very grateful to everyone who can acquaint me with a similar family. Many GHA members also could seize this unique service o­n the basis of our site.

Concluding, it is possible to tell, that our site opens the essentially new theoretical and practical prospects and for GHA as a whole, and its each member, arming everyone a unique information resource.

Best harmony wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President




The Site Peace from Harmony
News from March 5, 2009 to February 4, 2010

The brief news:

The main events for 11 months were:

1. Creation and publication of the Global Harmony Association program book Harmonious Civilization of 120 co-authors from 34 countries which provides the conscious, that is why nonviolent, formation of a harmonious civilization within a dying off industrial civilization. Distribution of this book opens the new Age of Harmonious Enlightenment.

2. Creation of the Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA) since September 10, 2009.

3. Creation of the American Global Harmony Association (AGHA) since November 21, 2009.

4. Initiation of the International political Club-2009 for a harmonious civilization since December 21, 2009.

The basic news:

In the site "Contents" 55 new pages have been opened, making a total of 290. 49 new authors have appeared, making a total of 356 (including 24 children). The countries number o­n the site remains former: 48. 1156 new materials ("news") are published, including 12 translations in 4 languages: Spanish, Romanian, French and Japanese. Russian and English languages remain the basic languages of the site, translation o­n which is made by the site president basically. 6 new friendly sites have appeared, making a total of 113. The site visits number from the date of its creation o­n February 15, 2005 reached almost 1,7 million. For the year their number has made about 700 thousand.

The GHA top-priority tasks o­n the next year: search of financing for the World Harmony/Peace Academy; initiation of the Club-2009; development of the YGHA and AGHA; and also creation of the textbook o­n Tetrasociology as a science about social and individual harmony for the schools and universities.

Gratitude. I express my hearty gratitude to all the Global Harmony Association members for active participation in its projects.

Dr Leo Semashko,

Founder and President,

Global Harmony Association and Peace from Harmony Website

February 4, 2010


The new authors: 49

From Russia:

  1. Gulmira Bilulova, Teacher, Perm
  2. Victor Lebedinsky, Engineer, Moscow
  3. Eugenie Polishuk, Linguist, StPetersburg
  4. Natalie Potapova, Translator,StPetersburg
  5. Alexandra Prokudina, Music Teacher, St-Petersburg
  6. Tatiana Statevich, Sociologist, StPetersburg
  7. Vladimir Strelkov, Worker, Moscow
  8. Gulnara Valiulina, Translator, StPetersburg
  9. Vladimir Zakharov, Physicist, StPetersburg
  10. Sofia Urgas, Teacher, Moscow
  11. Nina Yudina, Poet, StPetersburg

From others countries:

  1. Gaspard Ahobamuteze, Teacher, Rwanda
  2. Mohammed Attah, peacemaker, Nigeria
  3. Debra Giusti, Artist, USA
  4. Dr. Mohamed Elmontassir, Morocco
  5. Wolfgang Fischer, Philosopher, Germany
  6. Lama Gangchen, Peacemaker, Italy
  7. Dr. Noor Gillani, USA
  8. Jean Hareremina, Peacemaker, Burundi
  9. Dr. François Houtart, Belgium
  10. Dr. Norman Kurland, Economist, USA
  11. Dr. Arlester McBride, USA
  12. M.Ed. Alexander Mercieca, USA
  13. Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Palestine
  14. Dr. Steve Rajan, Malaysia
  15. Prof. James T. Ranney, USA
  16. Eyal Raviv, Peacemaker, Israel
  17. Mr. Lee Jon Young, journalist, South Korea
  18. Dr. Mike Whitty, USA
  19. Dr. Francis Fung, USA
  20. Dr. MariamKhan, Pakistan
  21. Dr. Bilongo Bolo Serge Christian, Cameroon
  22. Michael Moore, Producer, USA
  23. Teresinka Pereira, IWA President, Spain
  24. Dr. Lily Yeh, USA

Youth GHA:

  1. Vasily Smirnov, Lecture, Novgorod, Russia
  2. Oxana Ivanova, Post-graduate, Chita, Russia
  3. Vassiliki Ioannidou, student, Athens, Greece,
  4. Victoria Osipchik, post-graduate student, Minsk, Belarus
  5. Lizzie (Daiana Ortiz) Roberts, student, Buenos Aires, Trelew,Argentina
  6. Massimo Ripani, university degree, not working, Teramo, Italia
  7. Sebastian Koren, student, Lendava, Slovenia
  8. Satja (Mulej) Bratec, student, Maribor, Slovenia
  9. Ankhi Sen (Sanyal), Lecturer, Kolkata, India
  10. Dominica F. McBride, Ph.D., Huntsville, USA
  11. Hana Dhanji, Teacher (English classes) Toronto, Canada
  12. Raissa Uwineza, student (BAC), Kigali, Rwanda
  13. Theophile Nilingiyimana, journalist, Kigali, Rwanda
  14. Jean Bosco Ntawarubara, teacher at Doctrine Vitae College, Kigali, Rwanda

The new pages: 55

1-1-6. Barack Obama. 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate and 21st Century Global Harmony Initiator

1-3-1-2. Epoch of Harmony Globalisation: Global Harmony World Achievements since 1947. GHA List

1-3-1-3. Youth Global Harmony Association (YGHA)

1-3-1-4. American Global Harmony Association (AGHA)

1-3-3-7. WorldNet of Harmony Centers: GlobHarmony

1-3-3-8. International Reserve Currency of Global Harmony: HARMON (H)

1-3-3-9. Global Harmony as Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Zero: Through Freedom towards Harmony

1-3-3-10. Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration

1-3-3-11. Global Harmony International Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament

1-20. James T. Ranney: World Peace and Harmony through International Law

2-1-1. Leo Semashko. Sphere Approach: Philosophy, Democracy, Market, Person (Ru)

3-8-1.Woman: Harmony Goddess! Message to Women o­n March 8

3-8-2. Debra Giusti: Harmony Festivals Goddess

3-17. Dominica McBride: Harmony and Health for Youth

4-6-5. Lana Yang: Peace and harmonious reunion of China and Taiwan

4-6-6. Francis Fung. World Harmony Organization: Harmony Diplomacy for Harmonious Civilization

4-8-4. Mariam Khan: Great Pakistan Woman for Peace and Harmony

4-8-5. Noor Gillani: Muslim Pluralism and Interfaith Harmony

5-2-9. Kae Morii: Japanese Poetess of Peace and Harmony

5-2-10. Nina Yudina: Poetry of Love and Harmony

5-16. Lily Yeh: Warrior Angel. Barefoot Artists of Harmony

7-1. Alexander Yuriev. Political Psychology of Global Harmonization

7-9-1. Manifesto of sphere democracy as harmonious democracy (Ru)

7-11-1. Norman Kurland: Just Economy for Harmonious Civilization

7-14-1. Leonid Beluy. Crimea Uniting Culture as Peace and Harmony Way (Ru)

13. HARMONIOUS CIVILIZATION. Global Harmony Association program book, October 2009 (27 Webpages)

13-28. CLUB-2009: Global Political Organisation for Harmonious Civilization

14. 5 years to Global Harmony Association: congratulations, letters and perspectives

The new publications: 156

Translations: 12

Susana Roberts. Translation into Spanish of the GHA 3 projects: Antinuclear, Declaration and Treaty.

Tatomir Ion-Marius. Translation into the Romanian language of the GHA 3 projects: Antinuclear, Declaration and Treaty.

Heli Habyarimana. Translation into French of the GHA 3 projects: Antinuclear, Declaration and Treaty.

Kae Morii. Translation into the Japanese language of the GHA 3 projects: Antinuclear, Declaration and Treaty.

Messages: 10

News. Leo Semashko. USA-USSR: Harmony International. 24/01/10 (En, Ru)

News. Leo Semashko. Haiti: Industrial Civilizational Responsibility for the Any Victims. 18/01/10 (En, Ru)

News. Leo Semashko. REPORT about expenditure of donations o­n the GHA new book publication05/11/09 (En, Ru)

News. Leo Semashko. Hiroshima - Nagasaki August 6 /9, 1945-2009: Reminder of "Universal Nuclear Genocide" and its Alternative (En, Ru)

1-1-6. Leo Semashko. Open Letter to President Barack Obama, October 10, 2009: You make global harmony a new priority of humanity! (En, Ru)

1-1-6. Michael Moore. Congratulations President Obama o­n the Nobel Peace Prize Now Please Earn it! (En)

1-1-6. Teresinka Pereira. About the Peace Nobel Prize for President Barack Obama (En)

1-14-2. Leo Semashko. June 21 Global Harmony Day: Harmonization Epoch Symbol and 59 Epoch Achievements (En, Ru)

1-14-2-1. Leo Semashko. June 1, 2009: GHA Children Priority Day (En, Ru)

3-8-1. Leo Semashko. Woman: Harmony Goddess! GHA Message to Women o­n March 8, 2009 (En, Ru)

Projects, articles and etc.: 134

1. The Secretary-General's Message o­n the International Day of UN Peacekeepers 29 May 2009 (En, Ru)

1-3-1-2. Leo Semashko. Epoch of Harmony Globalisation: Global Harmony World Achievements since 1951. GHA List (En, Ru)

1-3-1-3. Dominica McBride, Martha Ross DeWitt, Maitreyee Roy, Viktoryia Osipchyk, Raissa Uwineza, Ernesto Kahan, Noor Gillani, Laj Utreja, Ivan Ivanov, Leo Semashko. Letters about YGHA since September 10, 2009 (En, Ru)

1-3-1-3. Laj Utreja and Leo Semashko. Letters about AGHA since November 21, 2009 (En, Ru)

1-3-3-4. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,Former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama (En)

1-3-3-7. Leo Semashko with the GHA 70 coauthors from 23 countries. GHA Project: WorldNet of Harmony Salons: GlobHarmony (En, Ru)

1-3-3-8. Leo Semashko with the GHA 70 coauthors from 23 countries. GHA Project: International Reserve Currency of Global Harmony: HARMON (H) (En, Ru)

1-3-3-9. Leo Semashko with the GHA 138 coauthors from 34 countries. GHA Project: Harmonious Peace Culture through Harmony: Global Harmony as the Necessary Guarantor for World Security and Nuclear Disarmament. Or: Through Freedom towards Harmony (En, Ru)

1-3-3-9. Leo Semashko. Letter in the US Consulate about GHA Congress. Congratulation to President Obama with Nobel Peace Prize (En, Ru)

1-3-3-9. Ernesto Kahan. Letter in the US Consulate about GHA Congress (En, Ru)

1-3-3-9. The GHA Pro-Harmony and Anti-Nuke Project: Discussion, May 15-26, 2009. Response: US Consulate General, St Petersburg, Russia, August 13, 2009 (En, Ru)

1-3-3-10. Declaration and Treaty: Discussion of Philosophy and Importance of the GHA Projects

July 11 to September 3, 2009. Response: Russian Federation Ministry Foreign Affairs, October 09, 2009 (En, Ru)

1-3-4-1. Francisco Matos. Poems. Hall Harmony: words for a Hymn. Toward Harmonious Sustainable Peace (En)

1-6-1. Charles Mercieca. Articles. Free Education for All Citizens: Best Investment for World Peace.

Outdated American Constitution Provides Continued Violence. Perspective of Three Major Philosophies in Human Relations. Global Leader of Social Harmony (En)

1-6-8. David Stringer. Re Hiroshima & Nagasaki Messages from Peace from Harmony (En)

1-19. Terrence E Paupp. The Future of Relations: Crumbling Walls, Rising Regions and Harmonious Societies (En, Ru)

1-20. James T. Ranney. World Peace through Law:Rethinking an Old Theory. Global Constitution Forum (En, Ru)

2-1-1. Leo Semashko. Sphere Approach: Philosophy, democracy, the market, the person. St-Pb, 1992, 386 p. [PDF] (Ru)

2-1-10-1. Petr Sergienko. The Elements of Harmony Mathematics. Euclids task (proposal II.11) and algorithm of its solution (Ru)

3-8-2. Debra Giusti. Harmony Festivals Goddess (En, Ru)

3-13. Vladimir Strelkov. Memoirs o­n Workers-Student's Club "Demiurge" 1976-1980 (Ru)

3-13. Sergey Busov. Memoirs o­n Workers-Student's Club "Demiurge" 1976-1980 (Ru)

3-13. Svetlana Vetrova. My Demiurge. Memoirs o­n Workers-Student's Club "Demiurge" 1976-1980 (Ru)

3-17. Dominica McBride. Moving Towards Holistic Equity. YGHA Mission (En, Ru)

4-1-3. Valery Gergel. Movement of young peacemakers and peace schools in Russia 1998-2009 (Ru)

4-1-3. Sofia Urgas. Poem. Heroes (Ru)

4-2. Reimon Bachika. Tetrasociology and Values. Report from Seoul (En, Ru)

4-2. Reimon Bachika. Hiroshima, No More (En)

4-4-2. Tholana Chakravarthy. Poem, dedicated to June 21, 2009 - Global Harmony Day: Forever! Forever! And Poem, dedicated to June 1, 2009 Childrens Priority Day: Can We Justify Ourselves. With Martha DeWitts response (En)

4-4-5. Laj Utreja. 8 Letters about GHA, YGHA and AGHA (En)

4-6. Rosa Dalmiglio. The world peace city children building in Italian Basilicata region. Heshum is in Peace and Harmony (En)

4-6-6. Francis C W Fung. Five essays about harmony diplomacy. Letter to President Obama about harmony diplomacy. Chinese harmony renaissance. Can world ignore it? (En, Ru)

4-8-4. Mariam Khan. Pakistan and Afghanistan Border Tribal Belt: Partnership, Prosperity and Security (En, Ru)

4-8-5. Noor Gillani. Four Letters to Youth GHA (En)

4-9-2. Jean de Dieu Basabose, Corianne Wielenga. Rwamagana PREST Event Report (En)

4-12-1. Matjaz Mulej. Stop Causing Humankinds Suicide, Please! Five Reviews (En)

4-13-4. Nina Goncharova. The International Academy of Harmony as Nomadic school of harmonisation. Press release following the results of 24th expedition Altai Planet (Ru)

4-14. Rene Wadlow. 16 October: World Food Day. Nonviolent Action: Can There Be A Second Act? The Uyghurs: The Periphery Moves. Cultural Heritage Conservation: Challenges and Responses. A Harmony Renaissance review (En)

4-16. François Houtart. General Assembly of the United Nations: Panel o­n the Financial Crisis.

Present and Future Impact o­n the Crisis. Proposal for a Universal Declaration o­n the Common Well-Being of Humanity (En)

5-2. Francisco Matos. Poem dedicated to June 21, 2009 - Global Harmony Day: Harmony Day. And Poem: Needed: Nonkilling History of the World (En)

5-2. Takis Ioannides. Poem. WE NEVER FORGET! (En)

5-2. Kae Morii. Poem. The Sun. No More Hibakusha from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (En)

5-2. Katherine Shabat. Poem. The Structure of the Whole (En)

5-2-4. Tatomir Ion-Marius. The X-th Historical Carnaval of Savaria (En, Ru)

5-2-5. Susana Roberts. Poems. Intention. Moan. Midday's Message. A Place in the world. The Shout (En)

5-2-9. Nina Yudina. 14 Poems of Last Years (Ru)

5-8. Natalia Sidorova. Petersburg creative club "PARADISE" (Ru)

5-13. Guy Crequie. Poem. Classical Music (En, Fr, Es)

5-13. Guy Crequie. Poem. NEVER THAT! (En, Fr)

5-14. Ernesto Kahan. Poem, dedicated to June 21, 2009 - Global Harmony Day: Trip to Harmony. With Susana Roberts response (En)

5-14. Ernesto Kahan and Guy Créquie. Petition to promote the Organization called Mayors for Peace for the Nobel Peace Prize (En)

5-15.Taki Yuriko. Poems. A Dead Child at Hiroshima. Big, Yet Small (En, Ru)

5-16. Lily Yeh. About Barefoot Artists (En)

7-4. Gaspard Ahobamuteze. Strategic Plan of College Doctrine Vitae(2010-2014), Rwanda (En)

7-7. Martha Ross DeWitt. Transition to Social Harmony and Korea peaceful reunification (En)

7-9-6. Leo Semashko. Manifesto of sphere democracy: non liberal project (Ru)

7-11-1. Norman Kurland and coauthors. Capital Homesteading For Every Citizen (2004). Executive Summary. Introduction (En)

7-14-1. Leonid Beluy. Uniting Culture as the Factor of the International Integration (Ru)

7-20-1. Robert Najemy. Holistic Harmony Center Work (En)

7-27. Alexey Stakhov, Ernesto Kahan, Maria Azkona and Susana Roberts. Letters o­n the mathematician of harmony (En, Ru)

9. No author. Every year 350 million children face violence in schools worldwide (En)

13. Leo Semashko and 119 participants from 34 countries. HARMONIOUS CIVILIZATION. Global Harmony Association program book, October 2009 (En, Ru)

13-27. Alexander Olshansky. No man is prophet in his own country. GHA book Harmonious Civilization review (En, Ru)

13-27. Maria Azcona, Victoria Osipchik, Laj Utreja, Tatomir Ion-Marius, Rene Wadlow. GHA book Harmonious Civilization reviews (En, Ru)

13-28. Leo Semashko. CLUB-2009: Global Political Organisation for Harmonious Civilization. GHA Resolution (En, Ru)

14. Ada Aharoni. Congratulations to GHA o­n 5-year anniversary (En, Ru)

Friendly Websites: 6

Dr. James T. Ranney: www.globalconstitutionforum.org

Dr. Francois Houtart, President of the Tricontinental Center (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium): www.cetri.be

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D., Director General, World Harmony Organization, San Francisco, CA: www.worldharmonyorg.net

Gaspard Ahobamuteze, College Doctrine Vitae, Rwanda: www.doctrinavitae.org

Dr. Norman Kurland, Center for Economic and Social Justice: www.cesj.org, www.eei-consultants.com

Lily Yeh: www.barefootartists.org

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