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Website News from April 16 to May 15, 2005

For the last month o­n the website 3 new pages have opened, all them became 64. 12 new authors have appeared, all them became 65, including 5 children, from 17 countries of the world. 33 new materials, "the news" are published: 17 of them are o­n Russian, 16 are o­n English. The new contacts with 3 friendly organizations are established, all them became 6. For o­ne month about 3 thousand website visits (all - 8,4 thousand) and about 500 website forum visits (all - about 1,5 thousand) is fixed. Main news of this month o­n the website is discussion in section "8. Dialogue about peace and harmony", in which have taken part 6 website co-authors. More than half of our materials are devoted to the website main theme - children and women as the basic social support of a new culture of harmonious peace.

Let's remind, in news beginning number of the section and page, o­n which it is published, stands; an author and title of a new material is then and language segment is last. News is the reference (i.e. you can open it at o­nce) o­nly for materials of the appropriate language segment, o­n which you are o­n the website. To open this news in the other language segment (if it is o­n it) necessary to pass in this segment.

From the website co-authors I want to express sincere gratitude to my friend, student Ivan Ivanov, which renders the large technical help o­n the website to me. Leo Semashko

New materials:

1-2. Ada Aharoni. Information and Program of 5th IFLAC Conference in LA (August 3-6, 2005). (En)

1-5. Leo Semashko. About Website Development. (En, Ru)

3-7. Hilarie Roseman. Photo. How happy I am with grandson! (En, Ru)

3-8. Arab Feminists. Cats and Dogs Have More Rights than Women in the Arab and Muslim World. (En)

4-1. Dmitry Ivashintsov. Work of the "Russian World" Association with children. (Ru)

4-5. Lia Diskin. Gandhi Network and II Brazilian Congress of Health, Culture of Peace and Non Violence. (En, Ru)

4-8. Kamal Nawash. March "Free Muslims Against Terrorisms ", Washington. (En, Ru)

4-8-1. Tarek Heggy. Tolerant and Intolerant Islam (Or Peaceful Islam versus Militant Islam). (En, Ru)

4-8-1. Tarek Heggy. Our Fascist Intimidation. (En, Ru)

4-9. Albert Kunihira. Help to Uganda children traumatized by the 19 years war. (En, Ru)

4-9. Stephanie Nolen. Reports o­n Uganda's forgotten civil war and traumatized children. (En)

5-2. Francisco Matos. Poem. What can PEACE be? (En, Ru)

5-11. Olga Semashko. Photos of the persons creating harmonious peace. Doctor Catherine Semenova with the girl and nurse Julia Katugina, Urban Hospital # 2, St.-Petersburg, Russia. (En, Ru)

7-4-1. Elena Rozenman. Important Petition Project from Teach Kids Peace. (En, Ru)

7-24.Bernard Phillips and Louis Johnston. Can Social Science Save Us? (En)

8-1. Alexei Shepel. About Andre Stolyarovs article "The Gods Twilight". (Ru)

8-2. Ada Aharoni. About tetrasociological model of harmonious peace. (En, Ru)

8-2. Henry Skvortsov. About creating technology of education. (Ru)

8-2. German Vitruk. About political conservatism and criteria of harmonious development. (Ru)

8-2. Michael Lebedinsky. About harmonious society, children and Apocalypse. (Ru)

8-2. Leo Semashko. Theoretical analysis of the multicultural model of harmonious peace and other polemic. (En, Ru)

New authors:
Kamal Nawash, President, Free Muslims Against Terrorism, USA, president@freemuslims.org
Alexei Shepel, student, St.-Petersburg State University, Russia, shepelspb@mail.ru
Albert Kunihira: Country Director/Peace Ambassador, Africa Youth Ministries, Uganda, admin@aymu.org or albert@aymu.org
Bernard Phillips, Retired Professor of Sociology, Boston University, Founder and Coordinator, Sociological Imagination Group, USA, Bernieflps@aol.com
Louis Johnston, M.D, Retired Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Retired Director of Medical Education at Grant Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Elena Rozenman, President, Teach Kids Peace, USA, erozenman@bezeqint.net
Olga Semashko, nurse, Urban Hospital # 2, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Wajiha Al-Huweidar, Saudi author, Arab Feminist
Dr. Iqbal Al-Gharbi, Dr. Munjiyah Al-Sawaihi, and Dr. Raja bin Salama, Tunisian authors and researchers, Arab Feminists
Stephanie Nolen, journalist from USA

New pages:
5-11. Photo gallery of the persons creating harmonious peace
7-4-1. Teach kids peace and harmony
7-24. Can Social Science Save Us?

New organizations:
Teach Kids Peace: www.teachkidspeace.com
Free Muslims Against Terrorism: www.freemuslims.org
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda: www.aymu.org

The next Website updating: June 15, 2005.

The Website News from March 16 to April 15, 2005

For the last month o­n the website 8 new pages (them became all - 61) and o­ne new section have opened. Also 8 new authors (all 53, including 5 children) appeared and 34 new materials, "the news", are published. Of them 14 are Russian, 18 are English and 2 are Portuguese.

News: in its beginning number of the section and page, o­n which news is published, stands; an author and title of a new material is then and the language segment is last.

Website Contents Sections:
1. Peace Culture
2. Tetrasociology
3. Children, Parents and Family
4. Civilizations
5. Art
6. Communications
7. Disciplines
8. Dialogue about Peace and Harmony

Example: 4-8-1, where 4 expresses the section number, 8 is number of page in it and 1 is number of its under page.

Website Language Segments:
English: En
Russian: Ru
Esperanto: Es
Portuguese: Po

New materials:

1-2. Araken Barbosa. Translation of the IFLAC documents o­n the Portuguese. (Po)

1-4. Martha Ross DeWitt, Leo Semashko and others. Information society: to new culture of peace from harmony. The Report for the UN World Report about Culture of Peace. (En, Ru)

1-9. Hilarie Roseman. Good news from Australia. Muslims join Jews to celebrate Passover. (En)

1-11. Ada Aharoni. The Necessity of a New Multicultural Peace Culture. (En, Ru)

1-11. Ada Aharoni. Peace Culture, Literature and the Arts. (En)

1-12. Evelin Lindner. Mission and Tasks of the International organization "Equal Dignity and Humiliation Study" (HumanDHS). (En, Ru)

2-6. Leo Semashko. Dictionary of the Tetrasociology Conceptual Terms: 12 basic definitions. (Ru)

3-6. Svetlana Vetrova and Galina Vladimirova. St.-Petersburg club "Umnitsa" for the Preschool Childs. (Ru)

3-7. Ada Aharoni. Picture. I and girls, dressed as angels, at our Purim Party. (En, Ru)

3-8. Hilarie Roseman. About Women and Small Business in Australia. (En)

4-5. Lia Diskin. Parliamentary Council for a Culture of Peace in the São Paulo, Brasil. (En, Po)

4-8. Salim Mansur. Allah Will Not Change the Condition of a People. (En)

4-8-1. Tarek Heggy. The Arab Mind. (En, Ru)

4-8-1. Tarek Heggy. Tolerant and Intolerant Islam. (En)

4-11. Tamara Galushko. Intercultural Communications and Dialogue of Cultures in the Age of Globalization. (Ru)

5-2. Francisco Matos. Life Supporting Systems. An ING-poem. (En)

5-2. Hilarie Roseman. Verses. The Social Theorists. The Weeping Branch. (En)

5-2. RamKrishna Singh. Verses. Time to Break off. Searching Peace: Some Haiku. (En)

5-2. Dmitry Baranov. Translation of Ada Aharonis verses to Russian. (Ru)

5-10. Jessica Robson. Five years. Australia. Peace and harmony is some girls singing into microphones together. (En, Ru, Po)

5-10. Nitzan Winkler and Almog. For thirteen years. Israel. Harmony. Peace. (En, Ru, Po)

5-10. Ruby Gannon. Six years. Australia. Peace Images. (En, Ru, Po)

7-9. Leo Semashko. Tetrasociology: Global Sphere Democracy. (En)

7-9-1. Sergey Egorov. Fifteen Years of Parliamentarism in St.-Petersburg. Authoritative-Paternal Damnation. (Ru)

7-11. Leo Semashko. Sphere Economy of Harmony. (Ru)

New authors:
Evelin Lindner, M.D., Ph.D. (Dr. med.), Ph.D. (Dr. psychol.), Social Scientist, global citizen, Founding Manager of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS)
Galina Vladimirova, Teacher, chief of children's club "Umnitsa", St.-Petersburg , Russia
RamKrishna Singh, Professor of English, Technical University , Dhanbad , India
Salim Mansur, A/Professor, department of political science, University of Western o­ntario
Sergey Egorov, Dr of law, Professor, lawyer of the International Bar, deputy of Lensovet/Petrosovet (1990-1993), St.- Petersburg
Svetlana Vetrova, known St. Petersburg bard, chief of children's club "Umnitsa", Russia
Tamara Galushko, Dr of philological sciences, Professor, Chief, Department of German Language, State Pedagogical University by A.I.Gertsen, St-Petersburg, Russia
Tarek Heggy, Dr, Egyptian Writer and Oil Expert

New pages:
1-11.The Necessity of a New Multicultural Peace Culture
1-12. Harmonious Peace: Equal Dignity and Immunity from Humiliation
2-6. Dictionary of the Tetrasociology Conceptual Terms
4-8-1. Tarek Heggy: The Values of Progress and Islam in the Information Age
3-8. Women in an Industrial and Information Societies
7-9-1. Contribution of St-Petersburgs Parliament (1990-1993) in Development of Parliamentarism and Political Culture of Peace
8.Dialog about Peace and Harmony
8-1. Dialogue of Youth
8-2. Dialogue of the Adults

The next Website updating: May 15, 2005.

The Website News from February 15 to March 15, 2005

Note. Designations of Website linguistic segments: Russian - Ru, English - En, Esperanto - Es, Portuguese - Po, German - Ge, French - Fr, Spanish - Sp, Japanese - Ja, Chinese Ch, Arabian Ar.

On behalf of the Website co-authors, I express sincere gratitude to Professors Araken Guedes Barbosa and Francisco Gomes de Matos, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, for kind and labour-consuming translating and editing Website pages: " Mission ", "Contents" and "Authors" from English to Portuguese. Leo Semashko, Website Director (Po) New, fourth, language o­n our Website - Portuguese.

New materials:

1-4. Vyacheslav Ivanov. Esperanto translation of page 1-4. (Es)

1-7. German Vitruk. Is harmonious development of a military system possible? (Ru)

1-9. Hilarie Roseman. Sign of hope in Australia. (En, Ru)

1-10. Youth Essays Competition (En, Ru)

3-3. Lynn Comerford. Troubling Mother Reproduction in the Family. (En)

4-4. Ananta Giri. About the Indian culture and its interactions. (En)

4-5. Lia Diskin. ASSOCIAÇÃO PALAS ATHENA: Brazilian culture of peace. (En)

4-5. Francisco Gomes de Matos. Humankind Please Be Kind. (En)

5-2. Francisco Gomes de Matos. A small poem about harmony. (En)

5-3. Dmitry Baranov. Translation of Maria Cristina Azconas verses to Russian. (Ru)

5-9. Dmitry Ivashintsov, Andrey Lokiev and Dmitry Baranov. Russian poetry about the country, peace and harmony. (Ru)

5-10. Catherine Semashko. Children's pictures: "Peace" and "Harmony". (En, Ru)

7-4. Henry Skvortsov. Creating technology of education. (Ru)

7-15. Leo Semashko. Tetrasociology: six Sociocybernetic innovations for an Information Society. (En, Ru)

7-17. Francisco Gomes de Matos. Works o­n sociolinguistics. (En)

7-17. Monica Rector. Review of Gomes de Matos work. (En)

7-18. Leo Semashko. Tetrasociology of childhood. (En, Ru)

7-22. Mikhail Reshetnikov. Clinical approach to investigation and solution of international conflicts. (En, Ru)

The next Website updating: April 15, 2005.

Note. Now, February 15, 2005, of the Website's 78 pages, 47 are open. Other Website's pages will open gradually in process of their readiness. They will be updated similarly. All updating for o­ne month will be fixed in section of "The News" since March 15, 2005. The order of the Website updating: monthly, 15.

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