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Wangari Maathai (Kenya)
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2004. Nobel Lecture (En, Po) December 10, 2004

David Maidman (Canada)
New dates in the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru) 2008

Tatiana Makarova (with co-authors) (Russia)
Strategic Sphere Management and Organizational Democracy (Stockholm, July 2005, Session "Social Change & Organizational Democracy"). Abstract (En, Ru) November 27, 2004

Kosta Makreas (USA)
News from the 3rd Global Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace (En) 2007

Nelson Mandela (Republic of South Africa)
1993 Nobel Peace Laureate (En) 2007

Salim Mansur (Canada)
Allah Will Not Change the Condition of a People. Article (En) March 31, 2005

Kushuchi Mari (with co-authors) (Japan)
Peace Boat and Global University (En) 2007

Francisco Matos (Brazil)
Poem. A World without weapons (En) May 2007
What can Humaneness be? Poetry (En, Ru)
Let's be Harmonizers. Poetry (En)
World Language for Equal Dignity (LED). Article (En)
Applying the Pedagogy of Positiveness. Article (En) February 13, 2005
Peace and Music: always in tune! Poetry (En, Ru)
Life Supporting Systems. Poetry (En)
Creating a Paradigm for Peace. Epistle (En)
To: Leo Semashko about project (Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World"). Letter (En, Ru) January 22, 2006
What can Peace be? Poetry (En, Ru)
Response to the Open Letter from Leo Semashko to President of Russia Mr. Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary. Letter (En, Ru) September 5, 2005
To: Leo Semashko about Harmony. Letter (En)
Promising Peace. Poetry (En)
To Beslan Children - the World Misses You. Poetry (En, Ru) September 5, 2004
To: Leo Semashko about Harmony and his Little poem. Letter (En)
Ronald Carter: Language and Creativity. The Art of Common Talk. Book Review (En) 2004
Teaching English for PEACE Poetry (En) 2008
Children as Peace Trees. Poetry (En, Sp)

Douglas Mattern (USA)
American Chronicle. Our Childhood’s End. The Next Great Evolution (En) 2008
Assotiation of World Citizens. When War Business Rules The World. If The Atomic Clock Strikes Twelve – Midnight Is Forever (En, Ru) May 2007

Douglas Mattern (with co-authors) (USA)
Lowering operating status of nuclear weapons (En) 2007

Dot Maver (with co-authors) (USA)
The second people’s summit for Ministries and Departments of peace. Announcement (En, Ru) June 28, 2006

John McConnell (USA)
Minute for Peace. December 22, 2006–Provides the Way to Global Peace. What will Decide the Future of the Human Family and their Planet? Article (En) January 29, 2007
What will decide the future of the human family and their Planet (En) 2007
Hope for the future. Abstract (En, Es, Ru, Sp, Fr, Gr, Ge, Po, Ja, Ch, Ar, He) 2006
Words, Actions and Songs that Most Benefit People and Planet;The human Adventure: Past, Present, Future; Challenges Earth Trustee World View; Iran, Earth Day and Star of Hope. Essay (En, Ru) 2006
Biography Summary (En) 2007
A State of World Message. The State of the World – and What to Do? Hope for the future. Dynamic Benevolence. An Earth Day Formula for the Future. Iran, Earth Day and Star of Hope (With Leo Semashko’s comments). McConnell Family History. Essays (En, Ru) 2006

Charles Mercieca (USA)
China’s Transition into a Society of Social Harmony (En) 2007
13 essays. (En, Ru)
To: Leo Semashko about children. Letter (En, Ru) January 16, 2006
13 essays about culture of war and peace and others (En) December 2006 - January 2007
Living in Harmony with Nature. Backbone of Russian Spirituality. Toward a Culture of Peace Based on Human Rights. The Crime of War in Iraq. Prophet Mohammad: God’s Messenger of Peace. Global Leader of Social Harmony Essays (En) May 2007
The Crime of War in Iraq (En) May 2007
Contributions of Buddhism to Humanity. Article (En, Ru) 2006
18 essays: China’s Transition into a Society of Social Harmony. Contributions of Buddhism to Humanity. Why People Have Mixed Feelings about Islam. Judas Iscariot: Patron of Christian Fundamentalists in America. Waging of Wars: Anathema to World Peace. Uni Essay (En, Ru) December 3, 2006
Exodus from Empire: Perspective of America’s Future Review (En, Ru) December 2006
The Crime of War in Iraq. How to Create a World Without Wars. Education for World Citizens. Impact of Culture in Developing Countries Article (En) 2009
To: Leo Semashko about project (Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World"). Letter (En, Ru) January 16, 2006
Global Leadership Essay (En, Ru) January 22, 2007
Global Leader of Social Harmony Essay (En, Ru) January 29, 2007
Religious Persecution in Russia Takes New Form (En) May 2007
Who Are the Insurgents? Perspective of Church and State Relations in Russia (En) 2007
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