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Ivan Yadrenov, 9 years (Russia)
Ipatievsky Monastery. Drawing (En, Ru) 2002

Lana Yang (USA)
Developing a Culture of Peace - A Stepping Stone into a Harmonious World (En) 2007
New Figure of the Cost of the Iraqi War. Message (En, Ru) January 17, 2006

Lana Yang (with co-authors) (USA)
More than 65 photos about the Forum and Beijing (En, Ru) 2007

Jiang Yimin (China)
Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation on the Chinese language Document (En, Ru, Es, Sp, Fr, Ch, Ar, Ro, Te) May 2007

Jiang Yimin (with co-authors) (China)
World Harmony/Peace Academy and General Harmonious Education Project (En, Ru) 2008

Alexander Yuriev (Russia)
The political psychology of the harmonious world is a harmony of structure, structure and functions of the changing country (by the example of the changing Russia). Article (Ru)

Alexander Yuriev (with co-authors) (Russia)
Tetrasociology: From a sociological imagination through dialog to universal values and harmony. Book (En, Ru, Es) 2003

Taki Yuriko (Japan)
Bio. Photo (En, Ru) 2009
A Dead Child at Hiroshima. Instead of Vengeance. The Red Sahara Desert Poetry (En, Ru) 2009
Real Causes of the Historic Genocide Article (En, Ru) 2009

Taki Yuriko (with co-authors) (Japan)
Translation of the Sadako Kurihara's poem "Saying "Hiroshima" (Translated with John and Deborah Saxon) Poetry (En) 2009

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