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Leo Semashko (Russia)
The open letter to the World's Religious and Spiritual Communities Leaders Letter (En, Ru) October 11, 2006
June 21, 2008 as the third anniversary of the Global Harmony Day (En, Ru) 2008
To: Kerry Bowden about Appeal to Womens Solidarity. Letter (En, Ru) January 26, 2006
To: Rose Lord about the letter to George W. Bush. Letter (En, Ru) June 22, 2005
To: Martha Ross DeWitt, Ada Aharoni, Rose Lord, Hilarie Roseman, Bernard Scott, Francisco Gomes de Matos and Bernard Phillips - answer to responses to the Open Letter from Leo Semashko to President of Russia Mr. Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection Letter (En, Ru) September 6, 2005
To: Ada Aharoni about Plea to Palestinian and Israeli Prime Ministers Mahmoud Abbas and Ariel Sharon. Letter (En, Ru) October 2, 2005
From Liberty to Harmony: a deep revision of value priorities (En, Ru) 2008
Ways to social harmony in the neoliberal rich countries (En, Ru) May 2007
Forcing Children to Fight in Sri Lanka Article (En) November 30, 2006
To: Maitreyee and Subir Kumar Bardhan Roy - answer to their response to the Open Letter from Leo Semashko to President of Russia Mr. Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary. Letter (En, Ru) September 16, 2005
To: Hilarie Roseman about the answer of the Prime Minister of Australia. Letter (En, Ru) September 16, 2005
Interview given to writer Takis Ioannides for the Greek newspaper EPIKAIRA of New Smyrna, Athens, which is published by February 16, 2008. English translation (En, Ru, Gr, Ro, Fr, Ar) 2008
Ways to harmony of the poor capitalist countries (En, Ru) May 2007
To: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India, about search of the leader for Global movement Making Children a Priority in the World. Letter (En, Ru) August 18, 2005
About Global Leadership Comment (En, Ru) January 22, 2007
To: Bernard Phillips - answer to his response to the Open Letter from Leo Semashko to President of Russia Mr. Putin from September 1, 2005 in connection with the tragical Beslan anniversary Letter (En) September 12, 2005
To: Stephen Gill about project (Global movement "Making Children a Priority in the World"). Letter (En, Ru) January 15, 2006
Manifest of social harmony for Russia for the future Presidents (Ru) 2008
Appeal to the poets and composers to create the Harmony Hymn (En, Ru) 2007
The Meanings of Cultural Sociology. Review of Jeffrey C.Alexanders book The Meanings of Social Life: a Cultural Sociology. New York: OxfordUniversity Press, 2003. International Sociology. Review of Books (ISRB), Volume 21, no. 6, November 2006, 834-838 p (En, Ru) November 2006
To: Ada Aharoni about creation of a Global Civil Movement "Making Children a Priority". Letter (En, Ru) June 25, 2005
Tetrasociology: Social Philosophy for a Harmonious Era of an Informational Society. Abstract (En, Es, Ru, Sp, Fr, Gr, Ge, Po, Ja, Ch, Ar, He) 2006
Harmony of the sphere classes as a way for healing of Russia (Ru) 2007
Sphere Macroeconomy of Harmony. Announcement (Ru) September 30, 2004
About the UN Convention on the Rights of the child and its addition. Article (En, Ru) 2006
Response to Peter Bently. Global Harmony Association: harmonious ideas, knowledge and projects (En) 2008
Tetrasociology and social synergetrics (on V.P. Bransky's works). Experience of system comparison. Article (Ru) October 15, 2003
Dear friends and colleagues! About the letter to Mr. Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General. Letter (En, Ru) September 19, 2004
Professor Rudolf Siebert: 80 years! Warm Congratulations! (En, Ru) 2007

Olga Semashko (Russia)
Nurse Julia Katugina, Urban Hospital #2, Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Photo (En, Ru) 2005
Doctor Catherine Semenova with the girl, Urban Hospital #2, Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Photo (En, Ru) 2005

Lucy Semashko (Russia)
Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru) May 2007

Leo Semashko (with co-authors) (Russia)
Tetrasociology: From a sociological imagination through dialog to universal values and harmony. Book (En, Ru, Es) 2003
June 21: Global Harmony Day. Congratulations, Poems and Greetings (En, Ru) 2007
Discussion about Global Leadership, Knowledge, Children and Social Harmony Discussion (En) December 2006 - January 2007
Strategic Sphere Management and Organizational Democracy (Stockholm, July 2005, Session "Social Change & Organizational Democracy"). Abstract (En, Ru) November 27, 2004
Discussion about peace and harmony (En, Ru) 2007
The final letter about the Global Harmony Association Statutes (En, Ru) 2008
Fractals of Social Harmony and Harmony Index in "Golden Tetrasociology" Project (En, Ru) 2008
What Ends the Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents May Serve? Article (Ru) 2005
Harmony Instead of Dictatorship Article (En, Ru) December 4, 2006
Esperanto and international Bilingualism for Children and Social Harmony. Discussion (En, Ru) 2005
Global Movement "Making Children a Priority in the World" for the Dubai International Competition "Best Practices - 2006". Project (En, Ru) January 30, 2006
Calendar of Harmonious Era. Address to youth. Epistle (En, Ru) April 2006
To a question about God, Social Harmony and Childrens Priority. Letters (En, Ru) November 15, 2005
The letter to Government of the People's Republic of China about the creation in China of an "International Harmonious Peace Culture TV by Satellite" (En, Ru) May 2007
Discussion about the childrens priority. Letters (En, Ru) February 14, 2006
We call the world poets to create peace from harmony (appeal in six languages) (En, Ru, Fr, Sp, Ar, Hi) 2007
Childrens Suffrage: Democracy for the 21st Century, Priority Investing in Human Capital as a Way toward Social Harmony. Book (En, Ru, Es) 2004
Agreement between GHA and IAEMP (En, Ru) 2008
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