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Dina Alexander (with co-authors), 13 years (Russia)
Cover Mother God above Leningrad. Drawing (En, Ru) 2005

Lucy Alferova (Russia)
Peace and harmony Museum in the Chelyabinsk gymnasium. Letter (En, Ru) September 3, 2006

André (-)
China: Nature and People Slide–film (En, Ru) 2007

Eugenie Antonovich (with co-authors) (Russia)
World Harmony/Peace Academy and General Harmonious Education Project (En, Ru) 2008

Saul Arbess (with co-authors) (Canada)
The second people’s summit for Ministries and Departments of peace. Announcement (En, Ru) June 28, 2006

Unknown author (-)
Singapore: Country of racial harmony (En, Ru) 2008
China Opens Website for "Year of China" in Russia. China and Russia. Year of China in Russia. President of the Organising Committee in Russia. President of the Organising Committee in China. China, Russia to Set up Third Confucius Institute. The 2nd St.Pe (En, Ru) 2007
Mother Teresa Slide-film (En, Ru) 2006
Harmony: Children and Pets. Photo-gallery: 15 photos (En, Ru) 2008
Emblem: "Planet Earth: love, peace and harmony" on the site main page (En, Ru) 2007
China for scientists Announcement (Ru) December 4, 2006

Maria Azcona (Argentina)
Peace and Literature. Abstract (En, Ru, Sp, Fr) 2006
Peaceful Agony. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002
Twin Towers. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002
Family abuse. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002
Children First. Poetry (En, Sp)
Fashionable World. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002
The Global Harmony Association Statutes. Spanish translation Document (En, Ru, Sp, Ro) 2008
Blue Love. Poetry (En, Ru, Sp) 2002
Tango. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002
7 Poems: "Basque Argentine", Farewell, Day of the Holocaust, Shady City, Peace Universe, Different Child, Peace around. (En, Sp)
Amor Azul. Poetry (En)
A Guide to Find Peace. With reviews by Stephen Gill, Ada Aharoni and Ernesto Kahan (En) 2008
An Argentinean novelist and poetess. CV (En, Ru)
This hidden Universe. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002
Peace will come. Poetry (En, Ru) 2002

Francisco Azuela (Bolivia)
Matriarchal Mexico City. The Death of the Poet. Alien Eight Poems (En) May 2007

Reimon Bachika (Japan)
Building Support for http://www.peacefromharmony.org/ Epistle (En, Ru) February 12, 2006
Reference Letter for Dr. Leo Semashko (En) 2007
To: Leo Semashko about Dubai Project. Letter (En, Ru) January 21, 2006
Towards Harmony in the Religious Sphere: Focusing on Symbolizations and Values. Abstract (En, Ru) March, 2005
Rationale of the Peace Calendar. Abstract (En, Es, Ru, Sp, Fr, Gr, Ge, Po, Ja, Ch, Ar, He) 2006
Bio. Photo (En, Ru) January 31, 2007
To: Leo Semashko about search of the leader for Global movement “Making Children a Priority in the World”. Letter (En, Ru) January 27, 2006
Congratulations with Global Harmony Day. Letter (En, Ru) June, 2006
Photo with students (En, Ru) May 2007

Reimon Bachika (with co-authors) (Japan)
Dialog about Harmony in Religious Sphere, Social Hierarchy and Children’s Priority. Letters (En, Ru) September 28, 2005
Discussion about Competition “HERACL” Conclusions from discussion (En, Ru) October 20, 2006
Tetrasociology: From a sociological imagination through dialog to universal values and harmony. Book (En, Ru, Es) 2003

Ammar Banni (Algeria)
Poems about Peace, Love and Harmony. Bio (En) May 2007
Magna Carta of Harmony. Translation on the Arabiс language Document (En, Ru, Es, Sp, Fr, Ch, Ar, Ro, Te) May 2007
Peace and love Poetry (En, Ru) 2008
Interview given to writer Takis Ioannides for the Greek newspaper “EPIKAIRA” of New Smyrna, Athens, which is published by February 16, 2008. French translation (En, Ru, Gr, Ro, Fr, Ar) 2008
Translation of Helena Klingberg’s poem on Franch and Arabic laungages. Poems: My Universal religion. Our doves of peace. By the love. Peace and evolution. Harmony passes in priority. Virus. The glory of peace (En) 2007
UN Convention o­n the Rights of the Child (1989) and Magna Carta of Harmony (En, Ru) 2007
The glory of peace (En) 2008
When The earth speaks! Poetry (En, Fr) 2008
Interview given to writer Takis Ioannides for the Greek newspaper “EPIKAIRA” of New Smyrna, Athens, which is published by February 16, 2008. Arabic translation (En, Ru, Gr, Ro, Fr, Ar) 2008
Peace and love (for Children's Day, June 1) Poetry (En, Fr, Ru) 2008
Additions in the Harmonious Era Calendar (En, Ru) May 2007
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